November 2, 2012

30 Days Grateful: Day 2

One of my mantras is Familia Above All!  Sometimes in the course of life and daily demands, we may take our loved ones for granted.  We may forget to say I love you or make time to bond.  This is important because tomorrow is never promised.  I make it a priority to say "I love you" to my loved ones, near or far, as often as I can even if it's through a simple text.  Hey, with today's technology there really is no excuse.  I also let my love ones know I love them by spending time with them.  I schedule little "dates" with them to bond and make memories that last forever.    It doesn't necessarily have to be a planned week vacation or a long week-end outing.  It's the little things that sometimes matters.  I am blessed and grateful for mi Familia!

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What special little things do you do to bond with your Familia?


  1. I reserve saturday evenings for family 'date' nights. We eat junk food (kids' favorite) either homemade or delivered and watch a movie all together, play board games and have a good laugh!!!


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