November 25, 2012

30 Days Grateful: Day 25 - Five Senses

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I ponder upon what I am grateful for today.  I am blessed to hear the leaves fluttering outside my window as they dance in step with the howling waves of the wind.  I am fortunate to see the glow of pure beauty in my daughters' eyes every morning when they do come to me for a loving hug.  I am thankful to touch and feel the soft skin still on my rosy cheek as I caress my face and explore the wrinkles of hardship, love and age taking possession of my ever changing body.  I  am happy to smell the aroma of my favorite hazelnut cafe brewing or the fresh scent of a pine from the Christmas tree.  I am thrilled to taste the warm and salty butter on my crisp toasty Cuban bread.  

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I ponder upon what I am grateful for five senses.

What are you grateful for today?



1 comment:

  1. I am grateful for my five (possibly a sixth women sense lol) senses too. I have never really embraced the fact that I am privileged to enjoy all of them. When you ponder upon the idea it is a sort of miracle isn't it? How we are able to not only see the world but hear, taste, smell, and feel it. Great post yet again! <3 your youngest.


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