November 23, 2012

30 Days Grateful: Day 23 - Her White Gardenias!

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I ponder upon what I am grateful for today.  Earlier today I had an emotional rollercoaster ride while writing my Fridays Letters.  Specifically about parenthood.  All this got me thinking of my Mother and how I wish I'd had more than the 18 years I got with her.  Lately, she's been on my mind a lot.  Her memories comfort me and always lead me to her favorite flowers....gardenias.  As a matter of love, white gardenias.  They smell so pretty and will always remind me of my mom.

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I realize I am grateful for the 18 years I did have with my Mother.  I am grateful for the memories I still hold dear in my heart and for the memory of her gardenias... White Gardenias!  I Love you Mami!  Siempre!  Always!

What are you grateful for today?
I'd really love to know.



  1. Well, it's the 24th already, however I would still love to share what I am grateful for!!! Also, I only got 18 years with my mom as well and I know how very hard that is. *hug*

    I am grateful for the most important person to have ever come into and be in my life and that is Jen!!!

    I am grateful for our fur and feather and scaly babies!

    I am grateful for our family, those that treat us like family and take the time to love and care about us!

    I am grateful for medication, because while I do still get depressed (like lately...) it's a miracle - if you're on the right ones!

    I'm also thankful for disability payments, food stamps, Medicaid and food banks. They are a treasure.

    I am glad, so so glad, we're out of debt!!!

    And so much more. <3

    P.S. I LOVE your group on Better Blogger Network!!!

  2. That's a touching grateful post. You're lucky: mine died when I was 8 days old, so I didn't really know her. My dad died when I was 10 months' old, so I didn't really know him either - besides there was a war on, he was in the army (British Indian one) and I'd been sent to live with an aunt and uncle who were tea-planting in South India at 5 weeks old. They died when I was in my early twenties, but I do sometimes wonder what might have been! I do have plenty to be grateful for though, as you can imagine!

    Wonder, if I may interrupt your grateful thoughts and ask for your help please? Am a recent follower of yours, but have enjoyed the posts I've seen and would welcome your visit to mine at In 2013, am wondering if I might use the posts there as a basis for a kids' book and your views on if that would work would be much appreciated. Independent comments are always best and I'd welcome them from you, and any other commenters on this blog too!

    All the best for the upcoming holidays - and thanks in advance for your help!


  3. What a beautiful and touching post on gratitude and sharing the loss you have experienced. You are truly an inspiration for sharing your story and letting others know they are not alone in their loss and feelings.

    I am grateful the time I spend with family and new relationships I build each and every day. I'm grateful that I have found a higher power to lift me up when I am down and lost. I am grateful for the woman I have become through all my challenging trials and tribulations. Bless you for stirring my thoughts with gratitude this morning. = )

    Irish Carter
    "Promoting Passionate People"


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