November 23, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Dear God:  There are no words on earth that can express how grateful I am for Your love and guidance.  For Your loyalty and faith.  And for believing in me.  You are my constant strength and through you I can do anything!

Dear New Job:  I am starting to feel a tad bit more comfortable with you, I know we are gonna be just fine.

Dear Gang Green:  United we stand, divided we fall!   Together we rock!  We can do this!

Dear Mi Mamushki:  Mi corazon especially ached for you yesterday on Thanksgiving Day.  I missed you terribly.  It would have been a perfect day if I could have had my precious treasure trio together with me! I love you to the moon and can't wait to see your face again.  Hopefully soon...very soon!

Dear Special Lady:  You know who you are.  Thanks for the interview and allowing me to pick at your mind, heart and soul.  I appreciate your honesty and can't wait to publish your interview.

Dear Mi Priutibibi:  I don't know how else to tell you or what else to tell you.  All I can keep saying is the answers are within you.  Take a chill pill.  I am here and always will be, but I must also move on.  And you know what I mean when I say this.  I love you.  You are and always will be my sunshine.

Dear Mi Tetatechuechue:  You have grown into a very beautiful independent young woman and I am so very proud of you.  Don't ever give up on your dreams.  I totally believe in you; now it's your turn to believe in YOU.  I know you do not like it when I call you my baby.  The fact is that you will always be my baby in my heart.  I know I gotta let go.  I gotta push you off the nest and let you fly and watch you soar.  BUT I DON'T WANT TOO!  NO!  WHY DO I HAVE TO!?  NO!  I'M NOT GONNA!  IT HURTS SO MUCH!  NO!  NOT YET PLEASE!

Dear Parenthood:  You suck!  As a matter of fact, I don't like you very much at this moment!  You are pushing me to do something I know I must do but for some reason my heart doesn't always agree.  So please stop taunting me!

Dear Kleenex Box:  Our relationship is beginning to irritate and hurt my nose, we really gotta stop meeting so much.

Dear Mi Tetatechuechue again:  Okay.  Fine.  I will...umm...I will...umm...I will let you go...I will work on it!  Very soon...soon.

Dear Self:  Get a grip of yourself.  You're just going through a phase right now and are very sensitive these days. Remember you are human too. You've been through quite a transition yourself.  Have patience, understanding and love towards yourself too.  You are doing great!  All will be just fine!

Dear Readers, Familia, Friends and Peek-A-Boo-ers:  As always, thanks for all the love and support.  I know lately I have been behind with replying to all the lovely comments you awesome people left for me.  But please know I read each and every one of them.  Rest assure that I will get back to each of you with a reply. You guys are very special to me.  You bring me inspiration and I want you all to know that.




  1. I think the same things about letting my daughter be who she is going to be and she's only 4.... LOL Oh parenthood how I love/hate you... : )

  2. love your letters, girl!
    just saw you over on ashleys page and wanted to say hi!

    happy to be your newest friend+follower
    say hi back sometime, ok?

    have a warm weekend!


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