November 20, 2012

30 Days Grateful: Day 20 - Something As Simple As Bread.

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I ponder upon what I am grateful for today.  One of my weaknesses is bread.  You probably thought I was going to say The Rock or Channing Tatum or Vin Diesel huh?  Well, although they do make my knees weak, in this instance I 'm talking about bread. Specifically Cuban Bread.

For the past three years, I was living in the Midwest.  You really don't have to be from there to know Cuban bread is scarce, at least in Kansas where I lived it was.  This can be torture for someone who is Cuban and loves bread.  Needless to say I adapted.  For a couple of months after moving to Kansas, my Tia (aunt) would send my sisters an I Cuban bread via UPS.  Although we were grateful, it wasn't the same because no matter how fast it arrived, it was never hot and fresh.

Ironically, this morning at work, one of my co-workers whom I share office space with, mentions that she was craving Cuban bread.  Which I found funny because I had planned to have some this morning for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I was going crazy looking for my missing car keys that my 4 year old G-Kid hid in his candy bag the night before.  Gotta love him!  Thank God I got to my new job on the nick of time!

Anyhoo, I guess subconsciously the thought lingered in my mind all day long.  Because as soon as I got home from work and put my purse down, I found myself buttering a nice piece of Cuban bread while I pre-heated the oven.  Yep, I like it hot and toasty.  Today, I am grateful for my Cuban bread. I am blessed to have food on my plate and happy that I can be grateful for something as simple as bread.

Be sure to share what you are grateful for today.



  1. Glad you joined us at the CHQ Blog Hop! Hope you've made some new bloggy friends tonight! Happy Thanksgiving!
    xo, Meredith @

  2. Bread are important! I like this post.

    I´m grateful that I got to spend my day with my beautiful daughter :)


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