November 22, 2012

30 Day Grateful: Day 22 - Stuck Her Two Big Fat Toes In It!

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I ponder upon what I am grateful for today.  I am grateful for the time I spent with mi familia today. The food was great!  In our family circle, when someone cooks a meal that bursts your taste buds into a heavenly delight, we honor the cook by saying "she shonuff stuck her big fat toe in it."  Well, my eldest daughter not only stuck her big toe in all her thanksgiving fixings, she stuck her two big toes in it!  Everything was "delicioso!"  
Awwww, cheers to young love!
The pillars of the Family!

Hope your lives are filled with joy, your heart with love and your tummies with lots of yummies!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mi Familia to Yours!


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  1. Looks like fun.
    New follower from Friday Chaos


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