November 10, 2012

30 Days Grateful: Day 10 - MI CAMA!

As I lay my head to rest and my soul to sleep, I realize how exhausted I am.  I had a long day.  Woke up at the wee hours of the morning to go take care of my car to get the oil changed.  As I lay there on my bed, I ponder upon what I am grateful for today.  So many things came rushing to mind all at once that I could hardly grasp one cohesive thought.  I gasped a few long yawns and stretch my arms out in the air.  I cuddled comfortably into the soft deep pillow as I whispered to myself "don't fall asleep, you have to finish this post first!"  Then all of a sudden, I knew what I was grateful for today...MI CAMA!  (my bed).  I know my resting back was very grateful too!

And that is all I have to say.  Buenas Noches! (goodnight).  So before I fall asleep, tell me

What were you grateful for today?



  1. GRateful for! Oh my gosh! this is what my blogpost is going to be about tomorrow!! :D haha- but I am so grateful for my life- I have been so blessed! <3 Even when it seems like I am not, each breath is a blessing!

    Looking forward to your visit on my bloggie! ^_^

    God bless,

  2. Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by the blog and following :) I went to follow you back and discovered I already WAS a follower! YAY. Anyway, I LOVE this 30 Days of Grateful challenge--I'm currently doing one too, but posting my thankfulness each day to Instagram and then doing a weekly post compiling each day for that week. I so love the idea of thinking of one thing to be thankful for each day, because really, there are so many. I see you have Instagram too--if you'd like to follow me, find me at @kyrahanne. Happy Weekend!


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