June 1, 2014

Random Page from a Journal...

She's been thinking a lot about her life and what direction she should take or it should take. 
She's been there before. You know...a crossroad.

She's a beautiful, free-spirited middle-aged woman.  Widowed, single, no partner.  
Gorgeous, healthy, independent daughters with a life of their own.
Searching to find their own place in the world.
A life too busy for their mother.

Estranged siblings who all live in different states.  Healing.
Adorable grand children she worries about, but is blessed to see when ever she wishes.

She thinks of her life.  She meditates.  She prays about it.  
Yet at times feels she cannot move forward.
At times she wonders if she is doing all she can to live a good life.
"What defines a good life anyway?" she ponders.

At times she feels her life is good just as it is.  And at times she feels it isn't.  
At times she feels happy.  Other times she feels sad.

But always she feels blessed.
She craves to know the best of who she is even when she's feeling stagnate.
She watched a movie the other day...How Do You Know.
And it was a good movie.

A love story in many ways.  
Love between friends, parents and couples.

She learned two things from watching this movie.
Two things resonating with her soul.

That you could be a small boat in the midst of a horrible ocean storm.
But if that boat represents truth and honesty, then you'll be alright.
And that we are all just one small adjustment away from making our lives work.
She sighs.  She breathes.  She smiles.  She's Siela.  Black Butterfly.

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