November 27, 2012


Meet Chelsea!
Welcome to the "Sponsor Spotlight!"  It is my pleasure to introduce you all to:  My Exclusive Superdeeduperdee Sponsor of the month, Chelsea, who blogs over at
The Big, Beautiful & Broke Blog

1)  When and what inspired you to start blogging?
I started my blog in July of this year. I work a very stressful job (ER nurse) and was struggling financially and emotionally. I needed an outlet away from work and school, so I started blogging. I wanted to have a document of 365 days to show myself that I made it through a rough time in one piece! Soon after I started, I became addicted and found that loved writing and meeting new people! 
2)  What is the main objective of your blog?
It's was intended to be a place where I can talk about life's struggles and help people learn from my mistakes. I struggle mostly with my weight and with money. I figured weight loss and money issues were something everyone either struggles with or has struggled with, making both relatable topics. 

3)  What do you admire most of yourself?
My ability to learn from my mistakes and take every experience as a lesson learned.
4)  What song would describe your life lately and why?
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
5)  How and where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I see myself still happily married, with a couple of kids, still working in the nursing field and hopefully still blogging!
6)  Favorite place in the whole wide world.
At home, with my family.
7)  What is the best advice you've ever received and from whom?
Time heals all wounds. Simple, but true.
8)  What is the best advice you've ever given and to whom?
Mistakes happen, because no one is perfect. Take the mistakes and learn from them.
9)  Share your most embarrassing moment.
I was in Florida visiting my aunt. We went out to eat and I went to use the restroom. When I walked out, a long piece of toilet paper was stuck to my sandal. I didn't notice until I was halfway across the restaurant. I now check EVERY time I leave the bathroom.
10)What do you want people to remember you most by?
That I'm a good nurse, compassionate, and dorky :)
Thank you Chelsea for being YOU!  :D

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