July 15, 2012

POMS! Ultimate-Bestest Angle! Lettin' it All Hang Out!

Hola!  It's week 6 of I'm Proud of My Size with Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl.  This week's focus is on loving all our angles and not just our best side when we're having our pictures taken.  You know like maybe when we inadvertently tilt our chin up high as a proud gesture when in fact perhaps what we're really trying to do is stretch-and-hide a little itty-bid of the double-chin.  Come on you know what I'm talking about.  Or maybe you're the one who holds in the breath at the count of three for a quick and easy tummy tuck.  I dunno.  I really don't do that sorta stuff.  *cough-cough*

Anyway, the challenge this week is to get rid of the idea of our best angles.  As a matter of love, here's exactly how she laid it out for us...

"Our clothes are not just stuck to the front of us like paper dolls. So why don't we show more than just the front? Let's get rid of the idea of our 'best angle'!"

Hmmm...this makes me wonder if my liking very much to playing with paper dolls as a chubby child was somehow an early sign of my projecting early signs of negative self body image.  But, I was just a little girl.  Wow!  I've literally just had an epiphany.  Hmmm...

Well, then I will do it!  I will take the challenge!  I will get rid of all my ideas of...oh wait that's right I don't do that sorta of stuff.  Um okay, I will *scratches head* geeperz what was it that Rachele said?  Oh yea, she said...

"I love all my angles. Double-chin, wide body, pudgy arms and a little peek of my chub rub shorts are not a problem. This is me!" 

Yea! Me too! This IS me!  What?  Chub rub shorts?  What the heck is a chub rub shorts???  Anyway, then she raised her arms up in the air like she just don't care and really laid it out thick and said...

"I challenge you to mix it up this week. Let's see those angles!" 

Alrighty then *crack neck/knuckles* Ouch!  I will be honest and say I really do not know how this is challenge is going to turn out at the end but, one thing I do know it'll all be true to who I am.  Also, when I do grab a challenge, I grab it by it's balls and I don't just grab.  I squeeze...tight..ly!  No holds barred from there on.  Ima let it all hang out.  Let's do this!!!  See you at the finish line... ;-)

Lil' sweet o'l me (I am sweet. really I am) PROUD of MY SIZE!...

Okay, my right angle.  Double-chin.  Piece of cake!
Why I don't even like cake.  I'm so bad. 
Bad Beautifully Statuesque! Hey, truth is the truth! 
But, still saving my most ultimate-bestest angle for last.
Of course...

 Left angle. Looking down. Double-chin. More accentuated.
No breath hold.  None of that quick-easy "tummy tuck" stuff.
Nice. Huh?  Not my most ultimate-bestest angle though.

A smiling angle.  I LOVE Spanish guitar music.  It is one of my fave genre. 
I like playing the guitar too, I just don't know how to play it. 
These belong to Zara.  Big sis.  Multi-musician.
Still NOT my most ultimate-bestest angle.  Ima let it all hang out.  Naturally.
We're almost there.  I promise.  pinkie.  promise.

Next angle.  My Rockin'-it-in-style angle.
Next is my most ultimate-bestest angle of all.
Awwww so sweet.  so natural.  so tender.
*Sigh*  You Red Fred?

My most ultimate-bestest angle of all...my belly!
Home to my Three Precious Treasures.
Once upon a time.
Naturally.  Sweet.  Tender.
Awwwww.  Tear.  Drop. 
Lettin' all hang out.  LOVE IT.  
It's ME!!! 

Yes.  Two Bags.  I carry Two Bags.  Siempre.  Always.

This challenge turned out to be a very special and empowering experience for me.  It made be re-visit that chubby little girl who spent the majority of her time playing with paper dolls.  I embraced her so lovingly.  It also awakened a new sense of love for my able-to-grab-more-than-an-inch-of-love-dough belly.  And this is why I blog.  This is the ultimate reason why I blog.  Love.  Passion.  Self rewarding.  Inspire.  Inspired.  Tear.  Drop.  Sniffle.

Okay enough of that mushy stuff! *grabs kleenex box*  Now y'all know I just gotta be ME!  Right?  So that is exactly what I'm gonna do.  I just have to! I can't help it.  I'm most truly alive when I'm Me!

 I Am Who I Am.  Siempre!  Always!  

Oh yea.  Don't 4get Love ALL YOUR angles and to link-up and show YOUR ultimate bestest angle!

Hey, I still don't know what chub rub shorts are!  What is a chub rub short?  Oye, can someone just please tell me what a chub rub short is?  Pleeeaaaseeeeee...  is anyone listening to me?  Hola!  Anyone out there?



  1. You're post was so cute! Your personality is soooo fun! LOVE it! (: -xo, katlyn from hiddeninlove.com

    1. Hola Katlyn from hiddeninlove.com!
      Happy to make your acquaintance! Thanks you LOVEing my post! I went ahead and took the liberty of taking a peek-a-boo at yours. And let me tell ya some'in...YOU had me at Jesus! Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :D

  2. Cute. I love orange and that turquoise together. That is a color combination I have to try!

    Chub rub shorts are any shorts that you can wear under your skirt so your thighs don't rub together and chafe. I have a lower body "slimmer" that i wear as my chub rub shorts because I haven't been able to find any bike shorts this year. They are totes comfy for summer skirt wearing if you are big thigh-ed like me.

    Glad to see you are feeling better!

    Hugs, Stephanie

    1. Hola Stephanie!
      Yea orange and turquoise...just happened really. I never plan what ima wear, I dress by mood and I guess I was feeling...umm tropically missing the Miami summer sunshine and beach!!! :D

      Tootles Chica!

  3. Nice post. Fun & full of personality. Keep up the outstanding work & be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

    1. Well now, two visit on same day? Superdeedooperdee! Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement...it really means alot to me. Tootles and Peace!...out with 2 fingers ;)


  4. Wow! This was awesome too! Made me tear up because why do we care about angles & appearances & physique....? When you looked so beautiful in your pictures! It was you from the inside & it shouted out beauty!!! It has made me want to not wait any longer for my photo shoot. as I prolonged it secretly to lose more weight.. But I am who I am... My body Carries history. My little pudgy belly carried what I hold closest to my heart then, now & forever. So glad that your blog helps to see life from many distant angles ;) ;)

    1. Hola mi amor! I'm happy you were inspired! That is the main objective here! Get-a-steppin' with your photo shoot and have fun with all your angles! Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra (Mom)

  5. As all your blogs are, this blog is very inspiring to practically any target audience. I believe all your angles are beautiful and I am glad you are one of the many few to proudly (and loudly) voice it. It's nice to see such beauty inside and out, and even nicer to know that's my mom there. Keep inspiring! Your Youngest <3

    1. Awww thank you mi amorcito lindo de shu mama! I am proud of who I am inside and out and don't mind at all to voice it loudly! LOL! Love ya!

      ~SimplyyMayra (Mom)


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