November 21, 2012

'Tis the Season To Be Jolly!

Hola Readers, Friends and peek-a-boo-ers!  Hope all is wonderful and jolly over at your little corner of the world.  It's no secret that the holidays are fast approaching which means we've got to get rolling and create a masterpiece of a game plan for a smooth and stress-less transition during the holidays.  I mean, it can already be hectic and stressful with work, school, kids and everyday living.  We know how busy it can get with decorating, cooking, entertaining and all that good stuff that comes with the holiday season especially if you have family visiting. 

Then there's the shopping!  We start stressing over not having enough time in the day to get everything done on our "to-do" list.   Not to mention traffic, jammed-backed malls and full parking lots.  All this is great, if that’s something you enjoy.  Me?  I can do without the added stress.  So, thank heavens for the Internet and on-line shopping!  

I am particularly excited about Christmas!  I love decorating my tree and personalizing it with special keepsakes accumulated over the years.  I feel it brings warmth to the home.  However, there is a thing about having “new” things too.  Here is an array of beautiful Christmas treesinvolving easy and stress-less shopping.

I never realized there are so many trees to choose from.  This particular tree has 760 tips, has color coded hook branches for easy assembly which is a plus for someone technically challenged as myself.  

There is also a tree that is already equipped with lighting!  Which means no hassle of un-twirling the tangled lights up stored from last year up in the attic or in the garage.

Or perhaps this year you want to try something completely different.  You want to add some of your own personality to your tree.  Maybe there is a bold, colorful, risk-taking nature about you.  Well, this tree will reflect just that.  I personally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tree!!!  It will definitely bring in a pop of pizazz into your home not to mention a great conversation starter!

Or perhaps you are bold, colorful and a risk-taker, but rather go white winter wonderland full of color instead.  Mission accomplished with this lovely Christmas tree.  Don’t you agree?  

After choosing your tree, comes the fun part!  Accessories!  Check these lovely items. Tree ornaments, glittery Reindeers, Angel tree topper, and even a Christmas village house.
Don't you just love the holidays!  I know what tree I would choose.  Which tree would you choose?  I would really love to know!



  1. Christmas is ahead, so I can buy Christmas decorations like this because your decoration stuffs are gorgeous.

  2. Hooray for fun and funky trees! I'll take a purple tree with black and silver ornaments please and thank you! hehe

  3. peek a boo and yes, yes yes to Christmas!

    Aloha Sweet Friend,

    Thank you so very much for joining us last week for An Aloha Affair. Thank you for sharing your sweet energy with us.

    This week's An Aloha Affair is now live and I hope that you'll join us again in between holiday prep and such... I hope too that you know... I am oh so very thankful for you!



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