November 3, 2012

Friday Letters on Saturday!

Hola!  Hope everyone had a fantabulous Friday, for sure I had a busy, busy, busy one.  Happy sensational Saturday!  Hope the universe is embracing you with kindness and blessings where ever in the world you may find yourself today.  Since I already had two posts on Thursday and two on Friday, I decided to post my Friday letters on Saturday, hence the title.  So, I am just gonna get jiggy with it.

Dear God:  You are truly my best friend and my constant and loyal partner.  With you on my side having my back, I fear nothing.  Thank you so much for always being there for me and being the light when it is dark.  You are definitely an awesome God!

Dear Life:  Let's play dodge ball!  Go'hed and throw your best shot!  As a matter of love, throw your hardest ball.  Hey, you can even throw lemons if you want....I got this!

Dear Potential Job:  I'm loving you already!  Inhale. Exhale. I claim you mine!  Big Smile!

Dear Chumbi:  I enjoyed our little scooter ride this morning!  Fun! Fun! Fun!  We'll do it again soon!

Dear NaBloPoMo:  Okay.  Nice to meet you.  You're my buddy for the whole month of November.  Let's get to know each other and see what we can do together!

Dear NaNoWriMo:  I'm ah...ah...scared.  All of a sudden I feel stiff.  You came so unexpectedly.  I didn't even know you existed.  How am I supposed to come up with 50,000 words by the end of the month!!!?  Holy talootie!!!  You came with no warning.  No heads up!  I wasn't expecting you!  I just stumbled upon you.  I've already made other commitments!  Like with your cousin NaBloPoMo!  Look at me!  I'm even doing my Friday Letters on Saturday!  Don't look at me with that face!!! Stop it!  Maybe next year???  Oh boy! Sigh...BIG SIGH :(

Dear Life:  p.s.  I still stay firm with my words to you!  Sometimes you do suck!  But, I've learned to find the positive in you.  Piece of pie, bread, Cuban bread! Crispy with lots and lots of butter!

Dear Precious Treasure Trio:  You girls are my life.  My true love.  My greatest reward!  I love you girls from infinity and beyond.  Siempre Contigo (Always with you) *Mom

Dear Self:  I love you and accept you whole-heartedly just as you are!  You are one amazing soul!

Dear Hair:  The red is coming back.  Yeah!

Dear Old and New Found Friends:  You guyz rock my writing world.  You give it purpose and I appreciate all the love and support.  Be you.  Stay real!  Love you guyz!
Wishing all a wonderful, wacky, whimsical weekend!




  1. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month but not the . . .omgosh, these names are just silly. . . NaBloPoMo. I figured I'd only have energy for one. I'm still posting random blog posts here and there but I determined the novel would be my final answer if I ever had to choose between the blog and the novel this month. Hopefully I can stick to it. Two days in and I've met my goal both days. Good luck with your blog goals!

  2. Every year NaNoWriMo comes around and I think, "I should do that," and then like two days in I'm like.. Naaaaah. Maybe one of these years I'll buckle down and do it.

  3. Ouh ouh can't wait for the red hair!!!


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