September 6, 2014

Aloneness is Really Just an Illusion...

Have you ever felt alone although you're surrounded by many people?  Lonely even with good friends, children, family and maybe a spouse in your life?  I have!  I don't feel it all the time. But have felt it enough times to know when its poisonous claws are coming at me.  Yes! Poisonous to the soul.

There have been times it has clawed me into a vast space of oblivion where time stands still and all is forgotten.  It seems easier that space.  So when that feeling comes over you to take you there, it seems easier to surrender to it rather than to resist it because you feel all alone.  Feel me?

Well, I'm here to tell ya it's all a lie!  The claws are a lie!  That space is a lie!  The feeling of "aloneness" is all a lie!  You are not alone!  I am not alone!

One day in a moment of despair and hopelessness I raised my eyes up to the sky and realized my only hope is God's love for me.  He and ONLY He loves and accepts me just as I am!  He and ONLY He is always with me!  I no longer have to feel...all alone! You no longer have to feel...all alone!
Let me share a little story with you.  An experience.  An enlightenment.  Early this morning as my youngest daughter (whom I hardly get to see anymore) kissed me good-bye for the day, I felt the claws of poison clawing its way towards me.  I felt the tears welling up inside of me ready to pour and give power to this tortuous force of "aloneness" that persists on taking over me.  I was ready to give in and surrender to it, but this time I fought back and turned to Him.  I grabbed this little blue book I've been reading, Jesus Today, and here is what He had to say to me today:

     "YOU ARE IN ME, AND I AM IN YOU. THIS IS A profound mystery.  I am the infinite Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe.  You are a finite, fallen human being.  Yet you and I live not just with each other but as in other.  You are filled with My divine Presence.  This is a deeper, fuller union than you can find in any human relationship.  Even people who have been married many decades cannot know all the thoughts and feelings of their spouse.  But I know everything about you--your deepest thoughts and feelings to the events you will encounter tomorrow.  For My children, aloneness is really just an illusion.  The whole world is alive with My vibrant Presence!
     In Me you live and move and have your being.  Every step you take, every word you speak, every breath you breathe--all is done in My watchful, embracing Presence.  You are totally immersed in My invisible yet ever-so-real Being!  The more aware of Me you are, the more alive and complete you will feel. Your union with Me makes every moment of your life meaningful."

Coincidence?  Not!!!  That is why I have embarked on a journey of establishing a personal relationship with the greatest man that has ever lived...Jesus.  I will be chronicling my experiences along the way in hopes that the stories I share will provoke a chain reaction of inspiration, self-awareness, spiritual awakening, faith and empowerment through God Jesus.  I will share the good, the bad and the ugly of past and present experiences only to discover...He was always there!  He will always be there!  I always did enjoy a good mystery and He truly is a great mystery indeed.  I hope you join me in my journey as His mystery unfolds.

~photos used are by Alexandra Cameron 


  1. Hi mi li'll sis! I read Aloneness. I've also felt alone. Yesterday I realize in thought why I was treated by dad in a negative manner. Because, his behavior was much more mental then spiritual. Creating a chain reaction so I became more mental then spiritual the same way as he when he was treated the same way as a child. So true when you stated that we are one (in) with God. We humans are all the same. Some, or maybe even most are living in mental behavior. Yes poisoned by so much negative activities happening on earth. Dormant to our spirituality. Forgetting who we truly are. Needing spiritual awakening. In reality we humans are possessed. Soul possessed the body that we all live in. Forgetting who we truly are. A Soul. An Energy. Love. And one day it'll happen, to go back to our origin. To start all over again if we wish too. Your big Sari. Wo Ai Ni

    1. Hola sis! It's always great to hear from you. I love it when you visit my blog! You have voiced your thoughts and feelings very eloquently. It's so refreshing! You are correct when you say "to start all over again if we wish too". I agree with this statement very much because it is a choice. Sometimes easier said than done, but nonetheless it is a choice and it is up to us. And I cannot wait for that one day to happen...the day we go back home! I love you sis! Thanks again for commenting. Keep coming back! :)


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