July 14, 2012

Utters "I Love You"

Hola! I hope every one is well and enjoying their Saturday morning wherever in the world or universe you may find yourself.  I truly love and enjoy Sarah's 52 Weeks of Grateful! because sometimes with our hectic schedules and just everyday life's dealings one can lose track of the important things in life, like for instance the simple gesture of being grateful.  Sarah's weekly post of gratitude's is a good reminder to keeping us in check within ourselves and reflecting on what's most important in our own personal lives.  Expressing our gratitude is a positive thing.  Positive is good.  Here is what I am grateful for this week.

1)  I am grateful for waking up on this beautiful Saturday morning healthy and pain-free after a struggling week with a fever that medication did not bring down but my own antibodies finally did after a drenched night of sweat! 

2)  I am grateful for my eyesight as it marvels at the miracle outside my bedroom window while the bright yellow Sun quenches in it's awakening thirst as it gently drinks in the morning's grass dew bestowing it with hues of rich greens. My favorite color is green.

3)  I am grateful for my lips as they gently make touch with the daughter's soft tender cheek as I awaken her sleeping in the next room to mine.

4)  I am grateful for my voice as it expresses my heartfelt and deepest emotions and utters "I Love You" to the daughter who opens them sweet tender eyes ever so lovingly at me.

5)  I am grateful for my hands that were able to cook a long deserving and awaited homemade breakfast for the daughter and I to share together on this beautiful Saturday morning gifted to us by God.
Chunky lemon basil tofu vegetable medley scramble, hashbrowns with biscuit and country cravy

I believe Sarah's 52 weeks of grateful calls for a list of five however, mine will NOT be complete with out one more...#6

6)  I am grateful for my big sis Zara who diligently was by my side every second at my time of need.

I am truly blessed!  I hope everyone engages in this wonderful gesture of gratefulness.  It's so refreshing to the soul. Ahhhhhh!  What are you grateful for this week?  Try it, it's as easy as a click!


  1. Hey lovely lady - you're grateful list is awesome. I am grateful for one last thing - your are better!!

    Also, I actually got this link up idea from Maxabella - a lovely Autralian blogger.

    You can link up your grateful post here:


    And check out Maxabella's blog here:



    ps I am SO going to have another award for you on Thursday this week.

    pps. make sure you enter the 100th Follower Giveaway on my blog on Wednesday :)

    1. Hola Sarah!
      Thanks, I really enjoyed this grateful list post and I am feeling so much better. I will check-out the links you've provided above. It's always so nice to chat with you no matter how brief it may be. Gracias for stopping by Sarah. Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :)

  2. This is great (:
    I agree that it's very important to take the time to acknowledge all the blessings we have (:

    1. Hola Alyssa,
      It is very important to keep perspective of all the blessings in our lives, happy to see you agree. It's always nice to have you visit.

      Please keep coming back for more of...to inspire & be inspired! ;)

  3. Awwww im going to check her blog out! Its great being grateful isn't it?! Makes you really see what you have right before you at all times.... Life is beautiful!!! & its ours to live so why not!? I write what i'm grateful a few times throughout the day... I try to make sure to stay in that frequency often as I find it brings closer to me the things I truly cherish! (can't wait to finally have you home after waiting for soooooo long)

  4. Some times we get so caught up in ourselves. And I don't only mean when we are succesfull in the things we enjoying doing. Could be that we are in a stage of depression and it makes it hard to see clearly how wonderful we truely have the blessings to our reach. And I heard a couple people say (Oprah and SimplyyMayra) that we are so much more then what we seem to be. So I am GRATEFULL that even through my depression there are people that have been there for me to re-mind me that I am much more then depression. I am THANKFUL! *-* I am also THANKFUL for Sarah of A Cat Like Curiosity for this post giving me the opportunity to express whats in my PRESIOUS HEART! *-* THANKS AGAIN to All! ;*)


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