July 23, 2012

POMS Week #7: I'm Sweet and I Ain't No Drama Queen!!!

 Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!  In my previous POMS outfits, I aimed at focusing on problem areas that I've since learned to love and embrace about myself.  Like my BIG arms or my most recent one about loving all my angles and letting it all hang out!   However, today I decided to just have fun wearing my outfit and just being who I am....ME!  

It's all about balance, so I thought having some fun in our outfits is a good way of tilting the scale from always having to be on guard of our size or how we look or don't look or what's hanging out or not.  I wanted to focus on just feeling comfortable and playful in my outfit.  I love wearing skirts and this is one I really enjoyed wearing very much.  I feel very sassy and these days I'm feeling very confident of who I am as well as being very proud of my size!

Some people (I won't mention any names) tease me by saying "You're from Bufu" (my youngest) or "she be cray-cray" (my middle) or even "You're such a drama queen" (my eldest).  But, I swear to you I am not from Bufu, I don't even know where that is and I couldn't find it in the map either.  Also, I am not cray-cray and most certainly I ain't no drama queen!  I'm just simplyy ME!!!  What's wrong with that?  Why don't I not say anymore and just let the pictures do the talking.  At the end you can make up your own opinion, which will be that I ain't no drama queen! 

There you have it folks!  Little BIG hearted and big spirited sweet 'ol me just having fun in my outfit! And of course, being PROUD OF MY SIZE!   So what do you think?  
Do you agree that I ain't no drama queen? 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this fun moment with me.  Why don't you try it?  Don't even think about it, just pick a comfortable outfit and let the fun YOU come out!  Just don't forget to link up with Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl who's a genius for launching this link!



  1. You are so cute! I need to try and do a photo shoot that reflects my personality... I don't even know what that would look like. Maybe you should host your own link up?!

    Awesome job, chica.


    1. Aww Gracias Steph, but I think your cuter! I can't help but me myself all the time...even at photo shoots! Hmmmm...I just may very well host my own link up, ya'know even before I started blogging I already had this idea, I just didn't know how it worked or that it was referred to as a link-up. But I am surely learning by trial and error. Thanks for stopping by chica, it is a pleasure...siempre!

      ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  2. Mother!!! Lmbo you are cray cray n a drama queen, I should know we all get some from you!!! But its a perfect combination for simply you! You're perfect just as you are!

    1. Aww thanks mi amorcito bello! You're perfect just as you are too!

      Siempre Contigo

  3. lol mi li'l sis! you are so BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRATIONAL and FUNNY and FUN DRAMAQUEEN! heeeheeeheeeheee! gattamakesomedramas in this BEAUTIFUL LIFE of OURS! donyathink! well I KNOW SO! KEEP ON-A-ROLLING wityahself! ;*) Love yah! ;*)


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