July 3, 2012

I'm Proud of My Size: Say Hi to the Bad Girl!!!

Hola!  It's time again for Rachele's of The Nearsighted Owl "I Am Proud of My Size Link Up!  This is one of my fave link-ups because it's a superdeeduperdee awesome way to honor the soul with a little self-love and acceptance every week.  And that's a good thing since perhaps many of us, if not all, seldom really take the time to dedicate some time aside just for ourselves.  Many of us have busy schedules with work, kids, school and what not.  So this link up Rachele has going is a very positive way to just take a few moment to love, embrace, discover more of who you are.  This week I'm loving, accepting and embracing a side of me I love!  A side of me I believe to be the core of who I am.  Yes, I am sensitive, girly and silly by nature but, I'm also strong-willed, daring, sexy, flirty and these days I am really loving who I Am!  This week I had fun embracing the bad girl in me!  Come'on now, you know there's one in all of us...no shame in that!  I want to LOVE ALL of ME!  This is a side of me I don't get to play with very much being that I am a Mother. And as a matter of love, I am also a G-mom!  What's a G-mom you ask?  Well, I guess I will let you marinate on that one for a while cuz now it's time to...Say Hi to The Bad Girl!

cabeza a los pies (head to toe)
topz * Walmart
capris *  Avenue
Shoes * Viva Fashions
head piece * Gift from my youngest
Butterfly Purse * Viva Fashions 
Green Book Bag * Walmart
Green Book Bag Artwork * by SimplyyMayra
funky glasses * Dollar Tree

I really love to laugh so it's kinda difficult for me
to remain serious for too long! :D
Besides laughing is good for the soul!!!

Oh there goes my man Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock
So I better hurry up, don't wanna keep him waiting!

I follow no trend.  Never plan what Ima wear. 
I just go with the flow of my mood. 
But whatever the style or mood,
it will always represent my confidence!

I also love my moments of silence. Moments to reflect.
Moments to admire all the beauty around us.

This green bag holds my books and knick-Knacks.
 It is one of the first bags I applied my Artwork to. 
And of course it had to be my fave DIVA Betty Boop. 
Did you all know I love Betty Boop?  ;)


Well, there you have it a little itty-bitty glimpse of another side of me!
I feel good and at ease being who I Am! And so should YOU! 
And there is more where they came from....stay tuned! *wink-wink*

Have you embraced your bad girl lately?  If so, that's superdeeduperdee great!  
  If you haven't, you should really try it... you'll love it!  Besides you're worth it! 
 Don't be shy and link up! Just click on the "I Am Proud of My Size" button!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You are so gorgeous, and I love your style! So glad you're proud of your size, doll! You rock! :D

    1. Thanks Ms Bliss Diva! So you finally stopped by, nice to have you visit. When I "coincidently" first stumbled into yours a few weeks ago, for some reason it felt familiar. BTW, I'm loving your post "Fifteen Ways to Get Out of Your Creative Blogging Slump", I really gotta try that guerilla art and perhaps climbing a tree...awesome! Thanks for stopping by...You rock too!!! :D

  2. but wait a sec... The Rock is my man too... How can this be? We can share, I'll take Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; you have Monday Wednesday and Friday and we can alternate Sundays. I'm nothing if not a sharer.

    Great clothes. Love the colors and how they pop!


    1. LOL! Guurrl you're too much!!!! But sounds like a plan to me, I'm a sharer too...hey wait a minute, what up with Mr D? Huh? You almost had me there for a sec, guess I'll have to sacrifice and take The Rock all to myself! ;)

      P.s...that lemon blueberry bread smells so goooood!

  3. Lol you are really funny and daring. I guess thats a good thing and ive accepted it long ago. Although, your fashion sense is different...you own everything you wear. Im proud. Your Youngest.
    P.s. I actually really like the bag.

    1. Well, finally! Thanks for accepting me as I am! Just kidding mi amorcito, thanks for stopping by! You know everything you say is of value to me! Keep coming back. Miss you! Can't wait to see you!

  4. So colorful and happy! Thanks for participating as always <3


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