July 16, 2012

Back on the Road Again: A Turning Point in my Life!

Sometimes life has a way of tickling us unexpectedly.  At times we may be prepared, other times we may not.  Whatever the case, these tickles will come whether we want them to or not.  Fortunately, we always have a choice.  Laugh or cry.

The last time life unexpectedly tickled my fancy, of course I didn't see it as such, I saw it as sharp claws.  A very scary stood-strong monster I had to fight all by my lonesome self.  Well, not exactly alone as I have always, even as a child, consciously or subconsciously, hung on to my undying faith in my God Jesus.  This last tickle, although scary as it may have seem, turned out to be an incredible turning point in my life.  One enriching my life in so many ways that it will take more than the mere few minutes I have before I go to work to voice these thoughts dancing in my head.  But, I know the right time will come.  Patience.  I really believe the time will come when I stand a top the peak of the mountain, look down, stand proud and sing I made it thus far.  I made it!
Will quickly share this...

As I sat there, on a chair, once upon a time not too long ago, in a very cold and lonely place, sharp claws carving at my already bleeding heart, my eyes met the written words left behind on a piece of paper for me to find.  A piece of paper I believe, in my heart of all hearts, was meant for me, especially for me, that day.  A gift of words that at every utter of its sound, wrapped my bleeding heart with a love so divine, it healed the scars mending my heart.

God you created me and all around me.
You know what is best for me
and for those that I love.
In the stillness of this moment
 help me to know what I need to know
and to act as You will have me act.
May the choices I make today
be motivated by my love for You
and those around me
as well as by true love for myself
because I know how much You love me.
May it be Your voice that teaches me this day
 and Your love that leads me.

Yes, life has unexpectedly tickled my fancy once again.  No claws carving at my heart.  The gifted words now engraved in my mind, heart and soul.  Yes, I find myself back on the road again.  A turning point in my life.  New horizons in the path.  I choose to...



  1. That's all we can do chica. Take it in stride. I am starting to believe that all things happen for a reason. It took me a while to make it there. Btw, cool bike! I need to learn how to ride one of those.


  2. Thanks Stephanie! Yea that bike is cool! What ya mean "one of those"? *insert voice of excitment* You ride a motorcycle!?!

    ~SimplyyMayra ;)

    P.s. - how's married life treatin' ya?

  3. Awesome post & fabulous blog. Big fan. Be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

    1. Hola! Peace! with 2 fingers! Love the name btw. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be peeking your way and most definitely keep in touch. Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  4. Awesome post & fabulous blog. Big fan. Be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

  5. Nice post. And cute pic by the way. :)

    1. Glad you liked it Joan. Thanks for stopping by! Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :)

  6. I swear I read this every morning & man how its made a difference in my life. Things just fall into place alot more easier...I struggle with love & i'm on a journey to really opening myself up to it, by giving it and receiving it! This prayer has put in to words easily what my hearts been longing to say :)

  7. I've always been inspired by that prayer ever since the first time I heard you cite it. Glad you put it up on your blog so others can share this prayer too :) Your Youngest


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