July 7, 2012

A Dare to Breaking the Rules...Because I CAN!!!

Hola! It's POMS time again!  This week it was a bit challenging for me.  To quote Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl, this week on I'm Proud of My Size it's all about "Every size and shape should wear shorts, tight clothes, stripes, drop waists or whatever we want!"  Well, I said to myself  "Um shorts???"  Nah ah, no way Jose!  Rachele's gone cray-cray!  But you see, that is one of the things I highly admire and respect about her ...she puts herself out there accepting and loving who she is as she is and dares us to do the same!  Well I do love a dare and I really did consider shorts (even took some pics) but, still feel I am not quite sure I'm ready for shorts as they reveal my thighs!  Eeeeek!  I do love and accept myself for who I am, I really do, but I have to be honest and say that my arms and thighs are my biggest challenge.  Now, in my very first POMS post, I did proudly embrace my arms and am now less conscious about them.  I am also working at loving my big cubanishi thighs just the way they are, so maybe next time or soon, later in the near future I will post in shorts.

Anyway, so that left me with tight clothes, stripes or drop waists or whatever we want!  I pondered upon which one is more of a challenge for me; which one is more of "breaking the rules" for me.  Hmmm? I have no problem with stripes, dunno what the heck is drop waists and already do whatever I want, leaving me with tight clothes.  And since I enjoy a dare, breaking the rules and NEVER wear tight clothes,  I embraced myself in tight clothes and was surprisingly pleased at myself.  At the end I had fun and was really glad I did it!  And you know why?  Not only because I'm Proud of  My Size,

but Because I CAN!

Like I said, at first I was kinda uncomfortable
and didn't want to look at the camera...

But then,
I just accepted and surrendered
to my awesome HOT self
 looking straight at it...

Then something amazing happened....
ME came out and I just couldn't help it!...

Then I wanted to change from my stilettos
so I did...into my rockin' shoes!

And I liked the way I was feeling.
Actually I LOVED the way I was feeling...mmhhmm

Yea, I felt purrrdee all over...

But of course, I just had to be ME again!!!
YAAY!!!!  Hahahahaha!!!

Give it a try. Take a dare and break some rules...
with loving and accepting YOURSELF just as you are! 
Then  go'hed and link-up to I'm Proud of My Size! 



  1. Ow ow! Kudos on breaking out of your comfort zone and giving tight clothes a shot! I never feel comfortable in overly tight stuff just because I like to be free and move. This link up is awesome and I'm glad you chose to partake.


    1. Bronwyn! I'm sooo happy to hear from you. I see you're loving peach ice tea over at Georgia on your mind ;) LOL. Seriously its nice to hear from you. It's a way of me knowing you're okay (weird connection after Nana read) no stalking intended. But yea, I know what you mean about not feeling comfortable in overly tight stuff, the body appreciates the freedom too! But I'm glad I did it (and its over) because at the end I was still ME just with a little more of love & acceptance ;)


  2. Wow - gorgeous curves!

    Also, I got to thinking about your hat. I don't think I've ever seen you without it. Is it some kind of superhero disguise? Like Clark Kent's glasses? Without it you're a recognisable superhero, with it on you can maintain your anonymity?



    1. Oh Sarah you're too funny! *bats eyelashes*

      I hardly wear that hat at all...Hehehe...ya know I never even thought about the hat that way. Hmmmm??? But now that ya mentioned it, YEA!!! It has superhero powers, the "I AM WHO I AM" superhero powers...but I'm sorry to dissapoint you. It's NOT at all like Clark Kent's. He hides, I don't. I'm the same SUPERDEEDOOPERDEE "ME" with it or without it! LOL!

      It's just a hat I like wearing because I LOVE Betty Boop and it's sorta like a symbol of my "I AM WHO I AM" confident attitude! I'm not afraid to be different and be who I am. But ultimately, I LOVE the hat because it was a gift from treasure3 (my youngest) for my first winter in Kansas. It touched my heart that she gave thought in giving a gift to her mother *BIG SMILE EAR-TO-EAR*. There you have it...hope it satisfies your "a-cat-like-curiosity!"

      Oh and btw, thanks for making me a superhero! Awesome! Now my mind is lurking with ideas thanks to your cat-like curiosity!!! Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :D

  3. So inspiring of you to post something like this. I've been self conscious about my body for as long as I remember, but friendly reminders like this are always gladly appreciated (:


    1. Hola Alyssa! I totally relate to being self-conscious about my body along with you. Believe when I say this is something I struggled with for a very long, long, time. But, step by step I am learning to honor my soul by loving and accepting myself just as I AM. I know this may sound cliche but the inside is truly what matters! I am glad you were inspired by my post and that is was a friendly reminder for you to perhaps start pondering upon loving and accepting "YOU" just as you are. Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :D

      P.S...Thanks for your support! I welcome YOU as my 41st reader and invite you to keep coming back for more of...to Inspire and be Inspired!

  4. This was awesome! I enjoyed the pictures! It made me laugh cause at first I was like wth?!?! Lol but I actually think you looked great and rock that tight clothes an day!!!

    1. Lol! I'm glad you enjoyed it mi amorcito! Thanks for stopping by and supporting my passion!

      ~SimplyyMayra (Mom)


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