July 21, 2012

Taking the Bad Given to Serving Somebody Good

Sometimes I wish the world weren't so cruel.  Sometimes I wish I had all the answers.  Sometimes I wish I could just take every one's pain away.  But I know I can't.  I know I can't stop the world from being cruel, much less create a magic potion that'll give me all the answers and the power to take every one's pain away with a snap of a finger. Nonetheless, I can't help but, still want to.

Why oh why I ask myself?  Why so much suffering?  Why are there little children going hungry in such a world full of riches?  Why are there people living and sleeping on the streets?  Why are men beating up on women?  Why are women beating up on men?  Why are children being physically and sexually abused?  Why are families being torn apart?  Why?  Why?  Oh why?  I ask!   Why was my family torn apart?  Why did my children go hungry!?  Why did I go hungry!?  Why did I live and sleep on the streets!?  Why was I beaten on?  Why was I physically and sexually abused!?  Why did the law let him get away!?  It just weighs so heavy in my heart, at times it creeps up and makes me sick!

Sometimes I wish the world weren't so cruel. Sometimes I wish I had all the answers. Sometimes I wish I could just take every one's pain away. But I know I can't.  I know I can't stop the world from being cruel, much less create a magic potion that'll give me all the answers and the power to take every one's pain away with a snap of a finger. Nonetheless, I can't help but, still want to.

My morning was short, heartbreaking, yet wonderfully inspiring.  I headed out early from Kansas taking the north ramp up the highway towards Kansas City, Missouri to meet someone whom just a couple of days ago left me a voice mail message reaching out for help.  Needless to say, we kept missing each others call-backs so as a result our communication turned into brief text messages from there on.  In about 45 minutes I was to meet someone who needed some good.  And I was ready.  I was ready to share my story with a stranger in hopes of it inspiring self-love and acceptance.
We were to have breakfast and it turned out that she is not a breakfast person.  We did however, end up in a coffee house which just so happened to coincidentally show case the morning's tone perfectly.

The atmosphere inside inspired calmness, peace and tranquility
 and muffled the loud frequency of the world outside and inside our minds.
The perfect quiet intimate place to share stories among old friends and new found friends.

I was pleasantly surprise to see green juices in the menu.  I enjoyed the wiz which was made with fresh squeezed strawberry, apple, cucumber, celery and lemon. It was superdeedooperdee delicious

I felt so bad she didn't want to eat anything, but I was hungry so I also had me a toasted asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese.  Delish too!  She only had a cup of water.  Water's good too!

We sat in a corner table with a big glass window overlooking the outside terrace (failed to take a picture of the beauty of it) but the conversation went well.  I shared my story first and felt blessed doing so.   Just two kindred spirits sharing stories.  She expressed abandonment and loss of hope.  Tears were shed, emotions revealed.  I expressed understanding thus validating hers.  We spoke of feeling judged, of falling down, but also of getting back up.  We laughed and talked of faith.  Just 2 kindred spirits sharing stories. 

We gave each other strength.  I told her there is hope...there is always hope.  We made plans to see each other once again, this time for lunch.  I dropped her back off, but not before she shared that she's heard the same old story from inside that sometimes she just gets up and walks away, but that it was refreshing and inspiring to hear a story from the outside from someone who made it thru.  We held a strong and loving embrace as I said "You're gonna make it too!  I drove away feeling blessed.  I grabbed my phone and text this message:

"Our time together was both wonderfully inspired and heartbreaking."

Her response:

"I understand and you certainly inspire me to keep hope in my heart."

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this special and unforgettable moment with me!  It's 2 times special and unforgettable because I was also sent a gracious invite by Curvy Lady to share my latest post to her weekly feature The Weekend Social with this week's theme being "something sweet".  And since I believe that this post is my latest and definitely reeking "sweetness" all over, you can find it doubly sweet over at hers.  Make sure to leave some sweetness and love here and over at hers!



  1. Such a great story. It is so important to share our experiences. Just trapping them inside makes us feel ashamed of events that were not in our control, nor were we responsible for causing! I'm glad that you two found each other. That's how friendships are made!


    1. Thank for your kind words Stephanie. I did questions myself if I should be so blunt and honest, but I'm glad I went ahead with it because it is my TRUTH! And that is one of the main objectives of my blog! Tootles!

      Big Hug back,

  2. Mayra this is wonderful! I wish we lived closer so we could meet for breakfast. What a wonderful person you are. Keep on spreading that shine in the world, we need it!

    1. Thanks Helen, I wish we lived closer too cause I'd definitely enjoy having breakfast and small talk with you! We all can spread a little shine in the world a little ray at a time! Tootles!


  3. You can't take every one's pain away but you can help them see that there's more than just pain. Thank you for sharing that experience.

    1. Thanks for that perspective C.L. I appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by. Tootles! :)



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