July 4, 2012

Hand-cuffs, Freedom, Hips and Jamaican Reggae!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a superdeeduperdee wonderful, joyful and blessed day! It is a day when America celebrates its freedom! So if you are among those blessed to be free to enjoy freedom, I suggest you take the opportunity today to celebrate and take them hand-cuffs attached to work, school or both off! Go engage in something you've never done before or perhaps in something you enjoy but haven't done in a while. Give yourself the chance to go enjoy whatever it is your little heart desires!

Today I will enjoy an afternoon of simple and unadulterated relaxation with a good read! After that I may turn on some music, make some noise and maybe try teasing my volupcious cubanishi hips to the swaying of some Jamaican reggae! Yea! Now that I think about it, it WOULD be a fun way of getting my "pear" *wink-wink* shape in tone and ready for my next Sky Dive attempt! Oh yea, I'm NOT giving up that dream. I will definitley check that one off my bucket list! Hmmmm *scratches head* may be I can still get that hot pink motorcycle I never got at age 17! Watcha guyz think?

How will you celebrate your freedom?


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