July 13, 2012

BIG Grin Ear-to-Ear!!!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 5 days since I've posted!  Hopefully y'all did miss me...right?  Anyway after battling a fever, a trip to urgent care, 2 trips to ER and finally sweating the fever out my pours last night, I realized life goes on.  A blogger Amiga got Hitched!  I missed my sponsorship by another blogger Amiga, I missed week 6 of POMS!...or maybe I still have time if I'm able to get to  it today!  But mostly I realized I missed reading all your posts.  Boy, I sho nuff is glad I'm back!
Ultimately, what made my day was waking up early this morning and receiving this heart-warming picture of ME thru my precious treasure3's eyes...

What an awesome get well message *BIG grin ear-to-ear*

Precious Treasure3 is my youngest and goes to school in Miami, Florida, which I will be heading back to very, very soon.  Yaay!  Of course I had to answer back and say..."Awwww mi amorcito why do you want to make me cry!  I LOVE it! But how about some more red in da hair, low cut (show some cleavage guuurrl) and where da stilettos???" 

And she responded "It's a wii that's not exactly available Mom lol"

Then I said "Oh well that sucks!"

Anyway, don't wanna over do it!  So, I will take a break now but be assured I'll be back!!!  I have doctors notes, do ya think I still have my job???  Here's some of the evidence....

Watcha think? Hmmmm...



  1. Oh my! What an ordeal! I hate being sick. I hope whatever you were dealing with is going away. Feel better and DON"T OVERDO IT! We will be here when you come back.

    Please feel better!

    Thinking of you,

    1. Hola Chica! Noticed I must've clicked on the incorrect "Reply" and replied to you below as a new comment...Ugggg....I'm feeling much better though ")

  2. Thanks for your kind words Stephanie. Today is the first day in this whole ordeal that I've awaken pain-free and although I noticed I've lost a follower this morning as well, I am grateful I am feeling well and for fellow bloggers as yourself! As always it is a pleasure to have you visit! Tootles!


    P.s...ya betta be enjoying da honeeeeymoon ;)

    1. Followers come and followers go... Some people stop following for a boatload of reasons, and not always something the blogger did. You are aloud to be sick. Don't sweat it. I would follow you again if I could.


    2. Your so sweet! Thanks Chica ;)

  3. Its crazy how this looks soooooo much like you!!! Haaaa!!!!


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