April 1, 2012

Supporting "US Everyday People" Too!

Hola Readers! Happy, Happy Sunday!

You wanna know something?  No you say?  Well I'm gonna to tell you anyway.  Not because I'm pushy or anything like that, but because you are reading this for a reason.  So just relax and embrace the moment.  Every morning I rise and consciously choose to embrace to the fullest, yet another day gifted to me by God.  I aim to be thankful for what I have and do not focus on what I don't have.  For example, I am thankful for the calls and texts I receive everyday from the two daughters I don't get to see everyday because they live in another state.  I am thankful for the daughter who is here with me and I do get to see everyday.  I am thankful for the car that's coughing its last exhaust fumes, yet takes me to work every morning.  I am thankful for the friends who so kindly and willingly take me to work when it doesn't.  I am thankful I can embrace my emotions with self-love.  I am thankful for the big plush pillow I can bang my head with when it's just too much! Hey, at least it's not a rock! Right?  I am thankful for this blog, an open forum for inspiring & being inspired!  As you can see I can just go on and on listing the many things I'm thankful for.....hmmmm....I just got an awesome idea (note to self 'ponder over it') which brings me in quite smoothly to the next "thankful for" on the list...a great Saturday morning!!!

I was honored and blessed to be part of an amazing group of people who gathered early this morning at 7:00 a.m to embark on the "Silent 4 Mile Walk/Run" benefiting the Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation.  I was even more honored to share this experience with my daughter, the boyfriend (hers not mine) I don't have one but I am just fine and dandy without one because a woman doesn't need a...OOPS...sorry I got off track, that's a whole other topic (note to self 'add topic to projects list').  Now where was I, oh yea, I was also honored that two of my three sisters were with me as well.  My other sister who resides in New York is always with me in spirit.  I want to point out, that I was not at the event just in support of the Leukemia Foundation, I was also there supporting a fellow co-worker who is training for the 26 mile marathon (also sponsored by the Foundation) which will be held in San Diego in a couple of months. She is a single mother of two boys (7 & 16), working full-time, attending school, with no family near by and willing to dye her hair purple or even shave it off to meet her financial goal to the foundation.  Needless to say, other than the financial support, I also felt compelled to be there for her and give her some loving support as well.  Here are some pictures. Yes, I love taking pictures!!!

She'll be okay. She's a fighter and a tough cookie too!

"It's a pretty day in the neighborhood, it's a pretty day in the neighborhood,
will you be mine? Will yoouuu be my neighbor?"

No worries here....I'll get him later ;-)

Gee I sure hope it's Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" but knowing her it's probably
LL Cool J or Ludacris (well at least in her mind!)

I am all for supporting "big" organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation, the American Red Cross or the United Way.  I am even more so for supporting the "small" organizations such as our community Library or our neighborhood small businesses or even our local hospitals.  But double even more so, for supporting "Us Everyday People" too!

There is such a sense of "well-being" in the self-less act of serving and helping out each other.  To me there is no greater joy than to serve!  Sometimes all it takes is giving a little of your time to show someone you care, to show someone they are not alone in this journey called "Life".   
Dang it! I did it again! I meant Tootles NOT Tottles...stupid smart phone!  What? What you say? That this is thru blogger so I can't blame it on my smart phone?  Oh well...
I Am Who I Am!  Tootles!

Thank you Readers! Keep coming back "To Inspire & be Inspired!"

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