April 1, 2012

A Name for "Nameless Art"...

Hola Readers!

I realize it's been quite a while since I posted "A Name for Nameless Art" requesting to send in name suggestions.  I want to say thanks to all who visited and took time to send in their views on this piece.  I also want to say that the analogies and thoughts I received from all of you were insightful and very much appreciated!  And although, I've decided on a name of my own, your views and suggestions were taken to heart! 

When I ponder over naming an artwork I want it to have some kind of meaning; therefore, to stay true to this, I had to re-visit a very dark and challenging period of my life...a time when I was lost in darkness.  It was during this period of "darkness" that my artwork initially emerged.  I had never drawn before nor have I ever taken any art classes.  One day I picked up a pencil and just starting sketching.  Then eventually it evolved into a paint brush.  For a good period of a year or maybe two, my days mainly consisted of sketching, drawing and painting; starting with one piece and ending up with hundreds.  I was oblivious to the impact my art had in my life back then and the impact it would finally have in my life years and years later.  Of course back then I did not see it as "artwork" at all.  How could I when I was lost and didn't even know who I was?

 Needless to say, I now have quite a vast collection of art pieces that I stored and put away oblivious to how precious they really were.  It's wasn't until I moved here to Kansas, a couple of years ago, when I was unpacking, that I came across these precious art pieces.  I don't recall feeling anything special coming across them again. However, I did think they were pretty and colorful so I displayed a select few on the living room wall of the new place I would now be calling home here. 

Today I am blessed and grateful to find myself in a content, loving and peaceful place.  I now realize that back then, during my darkness, I was being "kept" by a divine intervention when I myself couldn't keep myself.  I realize now that my artwork was a divine form of therapy emerging itself as a natural thrust of creativity keeping me sane in an insane world.  I am able now to re-open my heart to my artwork and embrace it for what it is...a part of my story then...a part of my life now!  A part of my life I can now accept with no shame.  A part of my life that molded me into the independent, strong, understanding and loving woman I am today!

Before I disclose the new name of "Nameless Art", here it is again with the comments I received.

The Comments...
"I see a lost princess, a dancer that gets no credit, an anonymous extraordinary,
a strong performer who is dancing without attention to the audience, a tigress
preparing for a tango, one who feels the music, a dancer that is confident enough
to wear red yet humble enough to have her back turned. I also see a very pretty
prom dress but that's a whole other story lol.".... ~Bryanna
"I like what Ms. Bryanna said about the artwork portraying a strong performer who is dancing with-out attention to the audience and how she is feeling the music. I see a lady lost in her dancing, but she still comes across as poised and elegant and it seems effortless the way she's flowing with the silence. It also makes me think of that song Roxanne, "you don't have to wear that dress tonight, you don't have to put on that red light.." you've captured someone escaped in her own world of dance, and the way her arm flows so gracefully, I myself am entranced by her wonder. Call it, dance for the moment." ~ Chantelle

"Your art work is simply amazing. You are very talented and blessed with a special gift...keep it up. The nameless one; first thing that came to me was "and life goes on". Luuuuv ur page! The lady in this piece is dancing. She has suffered through life; and is dancing. She has been knocked down; and is dancing. She has been through hell; and is dancing. So many of us stop dancing (dancing can be perceived as a metaphor) because of life's struggles...we forget about our dreams and passions, we stop, we stay stuck. This lady represents "and life goes on" ~ Ms.J.

"I see a steady movement played through the beat... She is swaying or even soaring through life & her back is turned because she knows that the way to her dreams is by moving forward!! Through her own song <3 (I too like the options mentioned above) I am excited for the final result =)I say "Nothings going to stop me now..." ~zrafael23

"I like this Drawing. It is also very interesting because I want to see her face and I can't because you only see her back side. But why does it give me a feeling of wanting to see her face?! Why? What is it about wanting to see some one's face anyways? It gives me the impression that this dancer is hiding herself from something or someone even though she is dancing so beautifully! Is she afraid? And of what is she afraid of? I'll name her, Insecure dancer! Even with her beautiful talent of dancing. ~La' zari Alonso

I will call this precious piece of artwork..."Lost in Transition". 

Thank you all again for being part of a very special and important moment in my life.  As always I am truly thankful, blessed and grateful for all the readers who come by and visit.   Keep coming back to "Inspire & Be Inspired!"

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  1. First off, I love this display wall, it's awesome! You really have talent, keep up the good work and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    Krystal @ Wildflowers3


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