April 22, 2012

Nope! I Won't APOLOGIZE!

Buenas Tardes! Good Afternoon...Readers!

Have you hugged and kissed YOURSELF today?
  Have you told YOURSELF "I Love YOU" today?
  What will YOU do today to honor YOUR Soul?

Today SimplyyMayra hugged and kissed herself!
Looked at herself in the mirror and said
"Guurrl YOU sho nuff is fine it's hard not to love you!"

Today SimplyyMayra honored her soul by:
 Accepting herself for who she is!
Not apologizing for who she is!

All we have is today...

Will YOU hug and kiss YOURSELF today?

Will YOU tell YOURSELF "I Love YOU" today?

What will YOU tell YOURSELF when looking in the mirror today?

How will YOU honor YOUR soul today?

Take this opportunity, that you are here now, to share and voice your thoughts
upon answering these very important life questions! 
Dare to share YOUR truth!  You're worth it! 
And YOUR worth may just very well light up someone else's worth!

 Thank you for the love and support!
Keep coming back for more...To Inspire & be Inspired!
Until next time Readers!  keep being real! 


1 comment:

  1. Ahhhhhhh just finished squeezing myself! & I sho nuff is fine too! Mmmmhhhhmmhmmm mmmmmhhhmmmmm chhhhhhhhhiiiiiaaaaallllld!


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