April 28, 2012

"Collectively SAMM".....a poem by SimplyyMayra

Long, long ago
darkness and gloom
Four little caterpillars
sentenced to doom

Savage winds of malice
twisted ignorant gust
hurricanes of hatred
deranged tornadoes of lust

Clipped faded wings
covered in mud
sad deepened eyes
hearts full of blood

Four little caterpillars
tears under rain
crawl sadly apart
binded by pain

World cold and lonely
stepped on and beat
now years, years later
Four caterpillars meet

Familiar strangers
never lost love
cry out together
festering gunk

Long, long ago
darkness and gloom
four little caterpillars
surviving their doom  

Four little caterpelliars
bursting with sting
soaring high and mighty
finding their wings! 

~written by Mayra Alonso 4/28/2012~


  1. This poem made me cry, maybe because I know who it was written for, but either way it was extremely well written!

  2. Thank you Bryanna. The poem made me cry too, but at the same time it gave me a sense of deep hope. The morning I wrote the poem, I had, for some reason, woken up in a very sentimental mood. I layed there in my bed, thoughts racing in my mind, my heart deep in pain for a past, I now realize, was of such enduring suffering for just about anyone, even moreso for four little caterpillars who were just trying to find their way. But, as the poem illustrates, they did find their way back and are soaring high and mighty finding their wings today. Once, again thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Tootles!


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