April 27, 2012

"Getting My Sexyy On!!!" with Pole Dancing!!!

Hola Ponderer Readers!

It's Friday!  TGIF!  I LOVE Fridays because it welcomes in the weekend!  Two days of comfort and relaxation.  Two days of opportunities to do "stuff" we love to do other than our work but don't.  Two days to discover more of our greatness.  So I wish you all a great weekend full of self-discovery.  And for those who have to work on the weekends, it can still be two days of discovery!  What will you be doing this weekend?  What will you do to help discover more of YOU!?

This weekend I will be getting my sexy on! I will find my inner diva, build confidence while having a lot of fun!!!  But, ultimately I will be doing it to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and be part of the fight against cancer.  I will help find a cure for blood cancer as well as having fun!  And its a double pleasure for me because I will also be supporting a fellow co-worker who is training for the 26 mile marathon (also sponsored by the Foundation) which will be held in San Diego in a couple of months. I wrote about her endeavor with the foundation on the "Silent 4 Mile Walk/Run" here in my blog earlier this month..."Supporting 'Us Everyday People' too".  As I mentioned in my post, "She is a single mother of two boys (7 & 16), working full-time, attending school, with no family near by and willing to dye her hair purple or even shave it off to meet her financial goal to the foundation".  Well, this weekend she is out to some fun with her "gurlz"  She will be hosting a "Pole Dancing Party" at the FIMB Yoga and Wellness Center in Lee's Summitt, Missouri in support of Leukemia & Lymphoma's Team in Training, raising funds while having some fun too!  If you want to be part of this great cause and want to help find a cure for blood cancer, there is still time to help! Just click this link: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  Remember, you will be more than just "clicking" on a link...you will be part of the help to cure blood cancer!

Of course, I will be bring my camera and will be shooting away, if picture-taking is allowed!  So stay tune for more on "getting my sexyy on", helping be a part of the cure for blood cancer, supporting a great organization and supporting a friend!  Wow! I feel good already!  So I ask again, what will you be doing this weekend? What will you do to help discover more of YOU!?  Tell it here, you never know if what you have to say will inspire someone today.

Thank you for stopping by! Your support is greatly appreciated!  Keep coming back for more of "To Inspire and be Inspired!".



  1. I feel like taking a pole dancing class! I felt proud to know your a part of something like this! I felt ansy in my pants, I wanted to jump off the couch. Ive been wanting to o a belly dancing class so I think I will do one with Britney :),

  2. i loved the idea, even more so knowing that t was for a great cause. I would love to take a pole dancing class just cause! it sounds fun! can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about how the experience went ;)

  3. I’m scared about little bit about pole dancing, because I had a serious injury on my first attempt when I was 20. Anyway, it’s interesting to read the article.


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