April 8, 2012

Spring FotoShoot...Wear its Not About the Clothes!!

I will keep this simple and aim at not writing too much so that you can just enjoy the presentation of....The Spring Runway Show "Wear its Not About the Clothes".  However, it is important I elaborate on the main objective here.  As the project name states, it is NOT about the clothes.  It's about YOU...it's about ME.  It's about the girls...the girls that are becoming weight conscious as early as 8 years old!  Did you hear that? 8 years old!  Eighty percent of 9 year olds are already on diets!  Eating disorders alone have grown 400% percent since the 70's.  Not to mention the high risk in teenage suicidal thoughts because of low self esteem and negative self-body image. Yes, I did my research...the statistics are true and it's harsh and deeply disturbing. That is where YOU and ME come in.  I refuse to believe these girls were born this way! We were not born this way! I believe it is a learned behavior. These little girls look up to us; they are watching us. They are listening to us. "I'm too fat!" "I hate these muffin tops!" "I wish I were skinny!" When will it stop?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be a super hero nor claiming to start a revolution here.  All I'm saying is that it has to start somewhere. So, why not with ME?  Why not with YOU?  We can't change the world unless we change ourselves first. I don't know about you, but I feel that's a pretty good place to start!  So I say IT STOPS with ME! How about YOU? Will you live the awareness? Will you help radiate the inspiration by loving YOU?
I want to inspire YOU to accept and love yourself for who you are, regardless of size or age.  Dare to feel how beautiful you really are!  Hug yourself, embrace your soul and feel how wondrous it is to be you instead of thinking about how you look.  Spiritual author Marriane Williams says "We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same".  Allowing our own light to shine is really the way to live!  Oh my beautiful and lovely ponderers, I challenge you to dare to allow your own and unique beauty to radiate from within no matter what your age, your size or what you wear...because it definitely and truly NOT about the clothes... it's about YOU!

So here it is....the moment you all have been undoubtedly anxiously, eagerly and desperately waiting for...the moment you all have been clinching your teeth and biting your nails (you really shouldn't be biting you nails though) and pacing back and forth for (just kidding I know you guyz weren't really doing all that, although you should be because this is a...OOPS! I did promise not to write too much, sawwy just being me ;))  But were you guyz? I guess let's get to it! Let's give a warm welcome and grand applause to my brave, beautiful and lovely ponderers who took a stand and dared to say
"It STOPS with ME!  Hear...Hear...I say NEVER EVER judge a book by its cover cuz you never know what secrets lie between the pages!   Welcome...Da Miami Girlzz!

 Heylo! I Am Who I Am...

“Here's a teaser about me. It's kind of weird when you are asked to speak of yourself. I guess I'm just like any other 19 year old girl chasing her dreams and trying to find herself. Like pretty much everyone, I've been through some tough stuff, made my share of mistakes, but I survived; most importantly my past has made me who I am today and I guess it will continue making me who I am as I grow. Because I've endured, I know I am strong, but because I've fallen to mistakes I know I am fragile. I am confident, but sometimes can be self-conscious. I took a fashion class in high school, I've always loved fashion, but this was different. I learned that clothes can actually express a bit about someone’s personality, however that does not mean people should judge on solely appearance either. Speaking of my style, I guess you can say it's flirty, sexy, but I always like to stay classy. I've never been the girliest girl, but sometimes I do like to show off my femininity through my outfits. I am mainly conservative but I have this fetish with showing my back, I guess it's my way of feeling sexy; showing off a bit, without showing too much. I do also have those outfits when I like to take risks, I like to be wild, and bend boundaries. My style can serve as a metaphor towards my personality. I am a social butterfly, but I am humble. I'm open and friendly, but I'm more of the listener type than the talker. One thing I will say though is, like my occasional wild outfits, I am spontaneous and although nice, I am tougher than you think. My style depends on my mood, and sometimes I learn something new about myself through the choosing of outfits. There are weeks, like this one, when I like to sport sexy red polish, and then others when I like to sport the dark mysterious colors. I know it's like I'm bi-polar or something. One thing I have learned, through my style and my life, is not to care what others think because like my mom always says "they don't pay your bills" lol; so I don't, I just change as I feel and feel as I change because that's me and I'm still discovering myself.”

BooBoo! I Am Who I Am...

"My name is Taylor Maria Bingham I was born on February 15, 1993. I actually grew up thinking my middle name is Marie but when I was 17 I found out that they had messed up my birth certificate and put an A instead of the E. When I was very young my parents split up and since I was so little I never understood on why they did; the only thing that I seemed to think about was why my mother was taking my father away from me and not letting him live with me anymore. I honestly hated that every time I got to see my dad I never wanted to leave his side. I was the ultimate daddy's girl; every time he would leave me at my mom's house I would cry and cry for hours just to have myself back in his arms again. I realize now all things of my past make me who i am today. Like every other girl out there I have not lived a perfect life, but throughout all the storms and darkness in my life there is one thing that I am glad that I have learned. Which is, that I belong to my Father in Heaven and He made me everything that I am today, as it says in Psalms 139:11-14 “I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night- but even in darkness I cannot hide from you??? To you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are the same to you. You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!" Two years ago before I knew that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator I believed what society used to throw in my head. That I was fat, because I didn't have a boyfriend I was ugly, because I had bucked teeth I wasn't normal, because I got braces I was a nerd, because I was a virgin I was a loser. All these things were just the center of my world because I wanted to be perfect. I thank God that He broke me down and took me out of my blindness and I have just finally surrendered everything I am to Him. I no longer have any more insecurities about myself I find myself as a beautiful woman with my curves and all! And I no longer try to be like everyone else. I am Taylor Maria Bingham, I am not like anyone else and I never will be like anyone. God made me like this for a reason and I am going to embrace it forever. I am unique, I am flirty, I am quirky, I am shy, I am outgoing, I am awkward, I am free, I am me. And I was made in His beautiful image. Dang i forgot to put that I am caring and passionate! Lol.

Hi! I Am Who I Am...

"I believe that being sexy is being comfortable in your own skin and not showing so much. I think wearing a big shirt with jeans and heels is sexy. I'm comfortable wearing clothes like that I feel beautiful! Being sexy doesn't mean showing so much skin and revealing yourself to get notice. You can wear a tank top with jeans and still look sexy! Doesn't matter what shape or size you are, inside you are beautiful and that's how I feel :)  I believe God created each and every one of us to be beautiful. Sometimes we are blinded by society on what is beautiful and follow what the media says. God created everyone in a unique and different way that sometimes we are too blinded to see that. I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful but not in a conceited way. I say it because I know I'm beautiful inside and out even if I have curves or not, I love who I am! I love every detail about me and amazes how God put everything together. I don't need to impress a guy for him to notice how I look. A man will love for who I am inside. I don’t need plastic surgery to improve something of me. It makes me unique. Why would I want to change myself if God created me and made me beautiful? I believe everyone is beautiful and some people need to take off what's blinding them and see themselves in the mirror and say "wow I am different, sexy, unique, gorgeous, beautiful, and blessed.

Hello! I Am Who I Am...

"I'm 20 years old and I go to Broward College. I am a psychology major. I LOVE psychology and learning about behavior because I love to observe other people as well as give advice. I also really like journalism. I am a very opinionated and talkative person who doesn't hesitate to state my opinion even when others don't agree. I love working with children and I am a Spanish teacher at a preschool. I have been working with kids since i was about 14 years old and I feel like it is super important to teach children at a young age to mold them for the future. I love clothes, fashion, makeup, all the Girly stuff you can think of! I am definitely a very girly girl but I feel like being feminine doesn't mean you have to be dumb. On the contrary i think knowledge is power so I find intelligence a key factor in being a well rounded woman or well rounded individual. That right there is probably the most important trait of mine. I love being around intelligent people, and I don't mean just book smart but people with common sense and good intentions; most importantly people with goals. I think it is very important for women and younger girls to find themselves and what they like to do or who they want to be before they find a boyfriend. Because only once you are happy with yourself, can you be happy with someone else." 

Well, there you have it...Da Miami Girlz! Aren't they gorgeous?  Give them a "whoot whoot"!  What?  Wutya say? You want to see more of Da Miami Girlzz?  Hmmm...well lemme think about it.... Well of course chica! duh! You know how many dedicated long hours of deep love & passion was applied to this project?  You bet que hay mas!  Yea there's more! LOL!  But first, help me welcome with a warm and grand applause the next bunch of my brave, beautiful and lovely ponderers, who also took a stand and dared to say "It STOPS with ME! ...The MidWestern Girlzz!

         ***and Melanie who could not be present at day of the shoot, but you'll see coming up***

Wusaaaaa! I Am Who I Am...

"My name is Chantelle I’m 24 years old. I was asked to describe myself, but in reflecting I find I am left at a loss for words. I am not a girl that can ever be described, but I am me. In the words of Marilyn Monroe: “I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control and at times, hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, you certainly don't deserve me at my best.”  I find it hard to limit myself into the mold of a few choice words; I would have to break out the extended version of the American dictionary to even scratch at the surface of this person I am. I am a being of continual evolution, an expansive and complex entity constantly changing in color, shape, form... like a raging ball of fire blazing through the universe, shining brightly as the stars. And I am just as beautiful to watch, intense and magical as I light up the worlds before finding my end as a super nova, exploding in the skies. Trying to label who I am through mere words is like suggesting myself to be as two dimensional as this page. In reality, on any given day, I can be a collaboration of many different personalities and all at once. I sometimes consider myself an oxymoron, in the way that I combine a list of contradictory terms. Just as much as I am outgoing, bubbly and sociable, I am in the same as timid, shy, and awkward at times. I’m sensitive yet powerfully strong. With that being said, most of the people who know me would describe me as, fun, loving, friendly, loyal, dependable, contagious, creative, artistic, intelligent, wild, happy, daring, bold, quirky, unique, laid back, and easy-going, funny, silly, crazy, sexy, flirty and downright pretty cool!"

Hey Hun! I Am Who I Am...

"Hi my name is Tiffany Henderson I am recently new to the Dirty 30 Club. I have loved turning 30, this has been the best year of my life. And I’m looking forward to so many wonderful things with the age of 30 and beyond. I don’t know, I just feel I have a brand new sense of confidence, the unimportant things don’t matter anymore, I’m happy and I just can’t wait to see what every day from today has for me. I love the Lord and I love my family and friends I just love everyone and I just can’t wait to show this happiness that I’m feeling with the world. But most importantly I’m learning to love myself from head to toe, inside and out and that’s the best love ever!"

Hey Sunshine! I Am Who I Am...

"Hello my name is Theresa Tibbs and I am pushing the big 40 as of June 20th. I think Mayra’s blog is a wonderful way for people to reach out or rather reach in and know themselves. For the majority of the last 20 years of my life, I’ve been a mother and that’s what I’ve been…a mother and I forgot about myself and I don’t even know at 39 don’t even know who I am anymore. I just recently lost 65-70 pounds and had some braces on for a very long time and I was finally able to get them off, so now I just want to smile all the time. I don’t want to hide from the camera; I don’t want to hide from people. I want people to see me…see me and then maybe I can start to figure out who me is and the next 20 years of my life I can just spend that time knowing me, loving me, and having a relationship not only with myself but with God because you know during this time of being a mother I’ve forgotten to be a child so this is a wonderful month of self-discovery and I am very excited! Have a wonderful day!"

Hey Sweetheart! I Am Who I Am..

“When I was a little girl growing up the only thing I ever dreamed of being was a mama. I loved babies. They didn’t judge, I could make them smile.  No matter what, I could be silly and I’d always get a good reaction and at the end of that, a hug. That’s what I wanted to do; didn’t know that babies grew up into teenagers. But that’s still probably the best thing I’ve ever done…was be a mom. I remember teaching my children things like the golden rule…do unto other as you would have them do unto you or everybody deserves to be shown respect; you don’t have to like somebody to show them respect; you can’t change how other people are we can only be the best that we can be and if your eyes were closed or you were blind would you be able to know someone? would you be able to see them for the good things they are or see into their heart or their soul?  I tried to be insightful with them. I tried to prepare  my children for the world I didn’t sugar coat it which may have been a bad decision; but, nonetheless it was a decision I made and I have to live with it. But, now I find after 32 years I need to do something else. I need to find ME. I need to find something for ME. I need to find something more about ME. Whatever it is I hope it’s big…big like me.”

Now you've met all of the eight lovely ponderers...Bryanna, Taylor, Valerie, Diana, Chantelle, Tiffany, Theresa and Melanie. They've allowed us to get a small glimpse into their world of who they are by sharing struggles, challenges, goals and beliefs...all to inspire and be inspired! I want to take this time to give a BIG HUG of THANKS to my lovelies for believing in themselves and being part of the journey to honoring your soul and discovering the wonders of self-reflecting, self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-truth! Now more of the lovelies springing out their own unique and special beauty!


I also want to express my deepest gratitude to Zulaima Rafael of SelaRom Photography in Miami, who so graciously donated her time to shoot the photos of the Miami lovelies!

"I'm sorry but I just could not help it! Next time she'll think twice about ruining the familia picture!"
"Geez, haven't they ever heard of the phrase 'you just shouldn't mess wit Mama"?
"Obviously not cuz if she did she would've thought twice! Oh well, that'z for she getz!"
So to continue what I was saying before, my deepest gratitude to Zulaima Rafael...

"Guurrl you betta delete dat pic!"

"Wh-who said that?"

"Don't efin go acting on me gurl! Ya nose it's me!"

"No I don't! Whodatiah!???"

"Guurrl ya betta cum betta den betta to be a competatta wit me!"

"Whaaatt! What the h*ll did you just say?"




"Hahahaha! Ya betta stop acting! Ya nose it's me, it's Conscience!

"Go away! Leave me alone! I don't know any Conscience!"
"Well, I think that you...."

"Hussshhhh! No one asked you what you think!"

"Well okay then, but don't be coming crying to me! Remember the apple don't fall too far from the tree!"


Oh oh its starting to sink in...I wonder if there's nice weather in Siberia...hmmm (*scratches head and reflects on the apple don't fall too far from the tree).  You know something people, if I go missing you all know she lives in Miami!  Maybe I shouldn't have posted the picture.  Maybe I should listen to this Conscience person whoever she or it is!  Let me think here...hmmmm....okay...okay...I can fix this.   Hey listen everyone!   You know that picture I just posted above?   Well, erase the mental image of it!   Okay?  Good!  Yea, that'll do it.  Maybe I should give her a call her anyway, just in case.  Good idea.  I'm calling her right now.  Dang!  Her voice mail picked up!  Then I'll text her:

ME: "Hola mi amorcito! How are you?"

ZF:   "Mom I'm in Sunday school. I'm good n you?"

ZF:   "The kids are watching a movie now"

ME:  "Have I told you lately that I love you"  (hmmmm...that reminds me of a song)
ZF:   "Yes, yesterday, but you can tell Meeeeee again, lol"

ZF:   "I love you too n for a long time I forgot how really sweet you are, so with yesterdays                 connection I can't wait to go back to those memories in hope to reflect the sweet in Meeeeee"

ME:  "Well I do love you mucho mucho mucho! How much do YOU love me?"

ZF:   "Chiquitico chiquitico like the squint in my eyes! Lol"

ZF:   "Okay movie is almost over. I'm playing Mary of Magdalena ttyls love u"

ME:  "Wait what day and time is it?

ZF:   "What???"

ZF:   "What time is what? Hurry"

ME:  "What time is it now?"

ZF:   "10:44"

ME:  "Okay remember this 8th day of April 10:44 we pledged we love each other forevermore no matter what!

ZF:  "Awwww, ok mom promise"

ZF:  "Pinky!!!

ME:  "Okay pinky!!!

ME:  "Ima lock these txt messages on my phone. U shld do the same!

ZF:   "Lol kk

ME:  "I love you mi Priutibibi!

ZF:    :*

ZF:   "Wow how ironic its Easter n it's like our love resurrected n is now new....

ME:  "Yea new love stronger but humorous too right?

ZF:   "Lmao!

ZF:   ;) ;)

Hold on while I go grab a box of Kleenex.  Wow! I swear this blog post has taken a life of its own! I mean, wasn't I posting pictures of the Spring foto shoot?  So how did I end up here!  I tell you life is sometimes bizarre! I feel like I just visited the twilight zone. Anyway, I guess I should get back to where I left off!  As I was saying, my deepest gratitude to Zulaima Rafael and even though she looks beautiful to me in the other picture I asked all of you to erase from your mind, here is a another picture.....

Oh noooo! Not the other two too!!!  I'm going to have to run and hide!! eeeeekkkk!  Isn't there somewhere where they make underground safe houses? LOL!  Let me find my way out of this twilight zone and get back to more pics of the Spring FotoShoot!!!   Here are more pictures of the beautiful lovelies with a tribute to the reality that.... Girlzz Just Wanna Have Fun!


Okay, hopefully you guyz got a good glance at the girlzz!  Stay tune for more in depth exclusives with each beautiful and lovely lady including more personal pictures from the PhotoShoots!  There is so much, much more of them to see!  Thank you all who stopped by to visit!  Also, a special thanks to all who have joined this site and are now followers!  Your support is greatly appreciated!  To those who would like to show their support may do so here.  As always keep coming back to Inspire and be Inspired!



  1. Love! Love! Love! From giggles, to tears, to oh no she didn't, to feeling proud, to standing ovation! Your light has inspired! This was a great delight to the soul. Reassurance that they're soooooooo many of us out there in need, but within a hands reach we can be there for eachother <3

    1. Glad it made you giggle and shed tears at the same time! Happy you enjoyed it! Tootles!


  2. Wow! Amazing! Very inspirational. Lookn forward to reading your first book! Ms.J.

    1. Thanks Ms J! You will be the first I will tell of my first book! Tootles!


  3. Very, very fun, professional, openly and inspiring. All BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING LADYS. Yous ROCK! Very well done! Great posing! Good photos shoots! Congrats to everyone! This post is very fun to read and watch! Thank you mi li'l sis and every lady that part took in this post and for their honesty! Affirming to just be oneself as they please. To just BE! yayyyy! hurayyyy! Mi li'l sis I thank you for what you are creating in your blog. Following your dreams! You are a ROLL MODEL! Giving every one to voice out their thoughts and feelings! ;*) Keep on a rolling wityaself! ;*)
    P.S. funny on how you created a short soapopera about your consience. LMAO!

    1. LOL! You are too funny big sis! I glad to see you visit more often, it means the world to me. Thanks for your support. Tootles!

      ~SimplyyMayra :P


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