April 20, 2012

SimplyyMayra...A new Keek! "Oh Nooo!"

Hola! Readers!

TGIF! Check out what popped into my blog world early this morning (5:00am to be exactacally) You know I'm always trying to make life interesting, so here is something new this morning! Hope you like! But, if you don't, guess what? You got it! I'm gonna do it anyway! Because life is about living YOU! So if you dare...watch me be a new Keek! Tell me watcha think!  Tootles!

@simplyymayra here Hola! just testing being a new Keek! TGIF! Gonna be a good one! Feel it in my cuban soul!
Apr 20, 2012 | Source: Keek.com


  1. Very excited to have joined your blog. You are an inspiration to us all Mayra.I pray that God continues to bless you with creativity and a warm, loving heart.

  2. May God, also bless you neisy! Your such a keek simplyymayra lol what is the blog for? Ouh ouh! I just figured out out. Thanks! ;) check out my new keek coming up soon!

  3. Ok so when I read this post & saw your keek I felt a connection to sing on keek. I felt free in that thought! & guess what?! I did it!!!


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