April 11, 2012

As a matter of Love, only Love is real...

One day I was working at my cubicle multi-tasking away just as any other normal day, when all of a sudden I received an email from a co-worker whom I'd rarely have daily contacts with other than the usual courteous "good morning"; "hello" or "how are you".  Needless to say, I clicked on her email and all I remember was jumping as quickly as I could out of my chair making my way towards her as fast as I can.  Her words still heavy in my heart...."A year ago today I lost my fiancee and I need your strength to get through the day."  At that moment she was no longer just a co-worker in another department at Suite 300, as a matter of love, in my heart she was a soul in pain and in need of love for some strength.  When I reached her cubicle all I could see was a girl with sweet blue eyes that were blood red, swollen and filled with tears.  Instinctively I embraced her.  No words were exchanged at all.  She held on tight in my arms when for some unspoken reason she let it out.  She let out her cry of pain...her cry for strength...her cry for love.  As a matter of love, it is a moment I will never forget.  I don't know why or care to know why Kristin reached out to me that day, all I know is that I feel blessed to have been there for her.  And today, as a matter of love, for whatever the reason may be, you are here reading this post today.  In life there are no coincidences.  So the why doesn't matter here at all.  What matters here is the valuable lesson learned that day.  That we are all just people.  We are all the same.  We all need to be loved. When stripped of our social status, our financial status, our titles at work or even our titles in church, we are all the same. We are all spiritual beings of love. God is love and we are ALL his children. 
***In loving memory of Tim***

As a matter of love, here is another tender moment of love shared between Kristin and Tim's Mother a year after the loss of a loving fiancee and loving son....

Kristin writes:

I have wanted to write you for a year, there is so much to say I never know where to start.  First off I hope you Bill and the family are doing well.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about all of you.
I think it's a fantastic idea that you want everyone to share there favorite memory of Tim and I'm sure you will be flooded with emails!

There are so many wonderful memories of Tim.  The day we met, the night he told me he loved me, we both cried. They were happy tears.
 The day he proposed at the Rockfest concert (which is where we met the year before).  He was so nervous and it was so cute.  He told me afterwards that there were so many things that he wanted to say, but couldn't think of any of them when the moment came.  He was smiling that beautiful smile from ear to ear.  We were so happy!!

We had talked about getting a puppy and he did so much research to find a dog for us.  I remember Candy telling us that a friend of hers had some dachshund puppies that needed a home.  Tim immediately went to look at them after work.  When I go home from work that day he came walking across the street with the cutest little puppy in his coat lol.  He and Miller instantly bonded.  I think he got up every 1/2 hour that night to take him outside.  And he gave in when Miller was crying in his kennel, and from that night on he slept with us.  He took care of me and loved me like nobody else will ever be able to do.  I will love him and cherish the time we had together forever and beyond.  I talk to him every night before I go to sleep and still have some things that remind me of him. He loved his family so much!!

I hope these happy memories help, and I'm sorry it was so lengthy but once I started, so many things came to mind.

Love to you Laurel and Bill

Laurel writes:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of Tim with us.  My computer had been acting up for a while and on Saturday I put it in the shop for repairs.  I finally got it back and am just now starting to answer my e-mails.  It gave me great comfort to hear your loving words about my son Tim.  I know how much he loved you also.  I know if he had lived, you two would have spent the rest of your life together, making each other happy.  It makes me very happy to know that he experienced love in his much to short of a life time.  Thank you for mentioning Tim's wonderful smile.  That is how I will remember him always.  My beautiful, smiling, and loving son, he had such a good heart.  There are so many memories that I have of Tim, that I would love to share with you, but I will sign off for now  Please feel free to e-mail me whenever you'd like and I will do the same.  I know I have a million funny stories about Tim that I am sure you would enjoy.  Thank you again for being such an important part of my son's life and for loving him. 
~Laurel and Bill.

Thank you Kristin and Laurel for opening your hearts and sharing your memories of love and loss with us.  I also want to thank all of you who stopped by to visit.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Let's try to remember that life is to short! Let's live each day as if it were our last! Let's remember to smile always and give hugs once in a while, you never know who just may be in need of one!  Let's live life in LOVE, because as a matter of love...only LOVE is real!

Please feel free to share your love, thoughts and views! Comments are always welcome, suggested and appreciated!  So, keep coming back for more love and to inspire & be inspired! 



  1. This really touched my heart! Thank you Kristin and thank you to Tim's parents for being strong enough to share this. I know Kristin from work and know that anyone so special to her is definitely a wonderful person! What I read makes me want to know Tim so I hope you all continue to share your stories!

    Tiffany :-)

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I appreciate YOU and your kind words. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. As someone who has lost a love in my life...i can relate. He past 16 yrs ago and to this date I still hold a picture of the two of us when we were just teens. I still think about him and miss his laughter. I am glad to still have his family in my life. My heart goes out to Kristin, I know how she feels. I am sure he is still with her.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I am sorry for your loss and it is truly inspring that you still hold a picture of the two of you as teens!

  3. First of I want to say to Kirstin and Tim's mom Laurel that I am so sorry for their lost love, Tim. You both were blessed to had shared Tim's life. When reading both of your letters I felt a lot of love and kindness. This brought me back to a memory an experience a lesson I had back around 2009 when I used to reside in florida, but, today I reside in Kansas. I used to drive the city bus around the city of hialeah. I loved my job got to meet a lot of people from different cultures and enjoy listening to their stories and greeting them when entering and exiting my bus. This particular day this lady in the bus walked up to me a few minutes before exiting to her next destination to tell me that she had lost her sister not that long ago and that no one knew how sad she was feeling for loosing her loved sister that had passed away. That when she heard my greetins she felt kindness and care. Letting me know that a tender smile a hello could make a huge difference by bringing a little happiness and hope in someones life that day. I am so glad that I was able to bring this ladey some happiness in her sad day. Lesson, let your love shine! Choose to care and love! You'll never know when you will need a smile from a stranger. Good energy!

    1. I am happy Kristin's story inspired you...that's what it's ALL about, inspiring each other! Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  4. P.S. I also want to thank my sis simplyymayra for the opportunity that I have to express myself through her blog. In saying this it also helps me to learn about myself when I write. I am noticing that every time I put my fingers on the keyboard or on pen and paper its a new open door to a room of wonders that I am pondering in. This room is everything that is inside of me that I didin't even know I had. Discovering new things about me that are deep with in. This also helps me learn from others it helps me understand that we all need each other. I feel good about myself! Thax simplyymayra!

    1. Zari, I am so happy that you find YOUR own space to wonder and discover more of yourself within my pages! Thanks for YOUR truth...I appreciate it! Love you sis!

  5. Kirstin and Laurel I thank you for sharing. Your words embrace me. I too lost people that loved me and I loved.
    The love is still here. I also embrace both of you!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words!
    Mayra, I have said this before and I will say it again....YOu are such an inspiring, loving, beautiful woman with a zest for life that I envy!
    Love you girl!

    1. Thank YOU Kristin for coming into my life and inspiring it with your tender sweet soul...I was truly blessed that day. You will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart! Don't give up on YOUR zest for life...it's in you! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment (I LOVE it when friends leave comments) Love you too gurrl! Tootles!

      Eternally your friend,
      SimplyyMayra ;)


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