April 19, 2012

A Funkyy Funnyy Spectacle!

Sometimes you just can't take life too seriously.  If you do, it could just very well make you
 a funkyy funnyy spectacle!!!

Looking for a tall handsome man...who likes to bite!
Waaassuuuup!...from over the rainbow!

Join me in saving the world...go Green!

I'm too sexyy for this post...dang it's that craazzyy woman again!

Little Miss Took #1...knock, knock anybody in there?

Sarah Palin...I want my mommy!

Flava Flav's lost long son....Have you seen him?

Eat your heart out Barbie...Hey there Kennyy!

Yea I'm craazzyy....craazzyy in love with you!!!

Share your life's funkyy funnyy spectacle moment and send me a pic too... I'll post it and together we can laugh at life!!!  Sometimes you just gotta!!!

Thank you to all the participants. A special thanks to Myndi, my fellow blogger, who show'd her love and support and sent in her funkyy funny spectacle of Little Miss Took#1.  You can check her part of the world at myndishafer.wordpress.com

Keep coming back for more laughs! And of course to Inspire & be Inspired!


(all fotos taken/edited by simplyymayra unless otherwise mentioned)

1 comment:

  1. those pictures are too funny. my favorite has got to be flave jr. >_< whodatiiaaahhhh??


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