April 23, 2012

"Meeting Joe C" of Joe's Morning Cafe!

 Buenos Dias/Good Morning Readers!

Last week you all read (hopefully) about my new and upcoming project "Joe's Morning Cafe".  Well, since I know you all are anxiously waiting for the launch of the project in full, I slaved away over the weekend, reviewing interview questions & answers, cropping and editing pictures of interviewees, as well as writing/editing the segment post!  Whoa am I glad I got thru it all, still with my sanity!  Anyway, the next segment of the project you all were anxiously looking for is now ready for reveal....."Meeting Joe C".  But before we actually meet him here is a reminder, from last week's post, on what Joe's Morning Cafe will bring to all of us.

"It's sorta like, when you grab that first cup of morning coffee and you feel it's warmth in your hands and you raise it ever so gently towards your face teasing your nostrils with it's sweet strong aroma and then you stop! And then....you breathe in the aroma and you taste it! And the aroma and taste releases in you a nice, strong sense of well-being. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Then, it lifts you up, it gives you strength! You raise your head up high now ready for the day! Ready to face any challenge that comes your way! Feels nice, doesn't it? Well, that's what Joe's Morning Cafe is all about!"

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for...heeeeeeeerrre's Joe!!!

So this is Joe, the coffee man of Suite 300 and so much, much, more!  Now that you know what Joe looks like, lets get to know a little bit more about him than just being the coffee man.  Every morning, besides making coffee for all the "peeps" in Suite 300, you will also find Joe posting daily inspirational messages on Facebook. 

A while back, when I first noticed these messages, I thought it was a one time thing. But then one day I noticed that it was an on-going process!  I am an early bird and I can honestly say that you can find a message of hope and faith already posted by ol' coffee man himself as early as 5:00 in the morning!  Oops, maybe I shouldn't have referred to him as old. You think there's a slight chance he'll go on strike? LOL!  Not a chance! Joe is a complete and totally sweet gentle man.  He is a kind soul with a big heart and a big laugh!  And boy does he have a big laugh!  Loud one too!

Here is what Joe had to say when I asked him....

Me:   "Joe, why or what motivates you to post these daily message of faith and hope on FaceBook?"

Joe:   "I do it to help me get myself prepared for the day to come.  Usually, I get inspiration from        conversations I may have had with friends and the issues they may be dealing with."

Me:   "Tell me Joe, how do you feel in the midst of your posting these messages?"

Joe:  "I feel good when I am posting because I know that others will be inspired as well.  But, more so I know that God has already answered my prayer.  He has given me another opportunity to embrace Him and His word."

Me:   "How long have you been posting these messages on FaceBook?"

Joe:  "To be honest I really don't know. I think about a year."

Me:  "Thanks Joe, I appreciate it."

Joe:  "You're very welcome." 

Here's what other's are saying about Joe and his laugh....

"Joe is an outgoing person; will speak to you, hold conversation and might even have a joke to go with it. Don't mind helping you if its something he can do. He's jack of all traits. He knows how to do practically everyone's work."~Erica

"Joe's laughs makes my day. When you're not feeling good, his laugh stills puts a smile on your face rain or shine.  If you don't hear his laugh, either he's not here or he's not feeling well, that's not often"  ~Erica.
"Joe's a happy guy, He seems to always have something positive to say about someone or a situation." ~Crystal

"When I'm having a bad day or I'm irritated with an
insurance and then I hear him laugh, that always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good inside." ~Crystal

"Joe is a very nice stylish, funny guy. He wears really nice sweaters and shoes. Sometimes I hear him singing with his headphones on and he has a lovely voice. One morning he was singing one of my favorite Bebe & Cece Winans' song and it made me smile. Joe is just full of positive energy and I never hear him complaining. Although he wears many hats, I love that he is one of my neighbors." ~Tamar                                                                         "Joe's laugh is infectious. When I hear him laugh it makes me laugh. He has a very strong, loving laugh. Sometimes when we have visitors in the building and he still laughs loud, I really laugh because it is something he can't contain. If something tickles him he is going to burst out no matter what! We all need to laugh like Joe everyday. It is healing for your spirit. ~Tamar

"Joe has the best personality (which I personally find refreshing) and is extremely giving. Joe is, in my opinion, the epitome of an ideal co-worker...he makes everyone feel special when they're around him. For me, he calls me 'Lady T' which always makes me smile. I really enjoy Joe and appreciate all he does for our office." ~Teresa                                                                 "Joe's laugh is the BEST! I have one word to describe his laugh...CONTAGIOUS!!!!! I love it and it makes me laugh. ~Teresa                               

"I don’t believe Joe fully comprehends how much he is appreciated. I speak for myself because there has been many mornings when I started off rushing to make the time clock. And usually I’m really frazzled. When I come-in in a hurry and need that cup of Joe that I didn’t get at home, its like a sigh of relief. It's there…it's waiting…just for me!!!  I always think to myself 'Oh Joe you're an angel' so, thoughtful Joe can fix me – set me straight just like his one considerate act of starting the coffee. Ahhh the smell of relief thanks to the Joe in our 300 Suite. ~Melanie
"Over the years the thing I’ve noticed is the laugh is always the same. I smile every time I hear it. It’s like the song of the birds first thing in the morning; kinda like God's music. Joe’s laugh always brings me joy and honestly, if its been a while since I've heard it, I miss it.  So I’m always listening." ~Melani

A co-worker, who prefers not to be disclosed, but accepted to share on Joe's laugh, says:
"Very infectious, and makes you smile, if not laugh right along with him, even if you don't know what he is laughing about" ~Anonymous
There you have it!  A glimpse into Joe's world at Suite 300.  He touches many hearts with his unselfish, thoughtful and kindness act of just simply brewing coffee every morning, everyday at Joe's Morning Cafe!  Oh yea...one more thing...Joe DOESN'T even drink coffee!  Thank you Joe!!!
Weekly publishing's of Joe's inspirational messages of hope and faith coming real soon!  So keep coming back to enjoy more of the Suite Aroma of Joe's Morning Cafe.  A special thanks to Joe for being an inspiration to us all.  And to Erica, Crystal, Tamar, Teresa and Melanie and Anonymous (you know who you are), a special thanks as well for showing their love and support. 
Wishing you all a great, wonderful and blessed week!  Keep coming back to Inspire and be Inspired!


***All fotos by SimplyyMayra***


  1. what a nice handsome guy. i do not personally know joe but what i've read (and heard) about him is refreshing. the fact that he makes coffee for everyone and doesnt even drink coffee resembles his kind, giving, selfless spirit. hats off to you mr joe!
    ps. my fav bebe & cece song is "i know i owe you me" if you havnt sang it at suite 300 yet...let' em have it! ;D. Ms.J

  2. I felt intrigued to get to know him. As I read about him I felt enlightened. I giggled when you mentioned he doesn't even drink coffee. Wish there was audio to hear his laugh.


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