September 8, 2012

Sharing Poetry in the Prose of Life!

"When We Share - that is Poetry in the Prose of Life!"  
Sigmund Freud

Hola mi Amores!  I want you ALL to know that I appreciate YOU!   Today I decided to share and add some poetry to my prose of life!  Therefore, you will find me as a guest poster over at Anna's superdeeduperdee awesome blog Geek Can Be Chic!   Anna is an amazing, generous and kind soul.  I can't express how both excited and honored I was when she asked me to share in her Sharing Saturdays weekly series.  

I invite all of you to come on over and share the Poetry in the Prose of Life with us and say Hola!  

Wishing everyone a Superdeeduperdee Sensational Saturday!!!  



1 comment:

  1. Heading over now Lady. Just needed to say I love you x


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