September 7, 2012

Mission Baker Babe Accomplished!!!

I did it!  I am a Baker Babe!

Being featured as a Baker Babe by Jes of The Militant Baker  is so much more meaningful to me than just a statement.  I wanted to be a Baker Babe to be part of the an awesome group of positive and phenomenal women.  What I didn't know was that to become a Baker Babe you needed to actually be a baker!  I know, I know.  Don't ask!  I really don't know where my mind was at that moment.  Anyhow, when I found out this was an exclusive group of women, it felt as if an ice cold bucket of water was thrown over me.  Yep, I tilted my head down in disappointment.  But, then I remember lifting my head up feeling a sense of I can do this!  

So it didn't stop there.  You see, I am a go-getter and despite all conflicts against me like never having EVER baked before, I went on ahead and baked a Chocolate Turtle Brownie Pie from scratch!  You could read about that adventure here.  Which by the way is one of Jes's fave desserts.

Here is what I've re-learned from this experience and the message I am aiming for with this post. When you truly want something and you set your mind to do it, you will accomplish it.  Now, I know you've probably heard this message many times before in your lifetime and you probably will hear more of it again.  I know I have.  But, here's the thing.  Have you consciously pondered on it or even more so lived it?   Lately I have and more importantly, I am realizing that it is that simple no matter how hard you have to work at it.

In conclusion, aside from being part of an awesome group of phenomenal women and learning to bake a Chocolate Turtle Brownie pie from scratch, I accomplished a mission.  I set my mind to do it and I got it! That is what being featured as a Baker Babe means to me...a Mission Baker Babe Accomplished!  Thank you Jes for creating a platform for bakers to share a "sweet" part of their lives and for having an open floor for all who wish to try their hand at baking! 

What was the last thing you set your mind to do and accomplished?  Were there any conflicts or obstacles you had to hurdle?  How did you deal with them?  I'd really love to hear about it.



  1. Way to go Mayra! I'm so glad you gave baking a shot and got the chance to be featured on such a badass blog! After seeing pictures of that pie again, I think I'm totally going to steal that recipe and make one of my own this weekend. It looks so good!


  2. Yup, I remember reading this on Jes' blog! Awesome job!!!

  3. This is freaking awesome! I'm so happy you had a great baking adventure and that Jes featured you. :) Kudos!


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