September 29, 2012

Not My Digital Tablet....Yet!

For a good while now, I have been stagnate in a crossroad of sorts trying to figure out in what direction I wanted my art to go.  Did I want to continue painting more acrylic on canvas?  Did I want to continue sketching?  Did I want to enhance my creativity and explore other mediums such as oil painting or watercolors?  All these questions tormented my mind giving the road an unfocused glare.

Then about two weeks or so ago, while cruisin' around the blogosphere, I stopped to visit Angie over at  Lariats and Lavender.  Coincidentally, she had a post that caught my eye titled Reconnecting with an Old Hobby and it just so happens that in this post she talks about how she was an artist as a little girl and she went on to mention how she was gifted a digital tablet by her loved ones.  She even demonstrated a few drawings she had drawn on the tablet which I thought were amazing.  If you have a moment you should really check them out, they are adorable.

 Immediately, my curiosity was peaked and I asked her a few questions which she so kindly answered promptly.  I have heard the term digital tablet before, but that was the extent of my knowledge on them.

My questions:
Is it a good resource for drawing/artwork?  How can I learn to use one?  What do I look for if interested in purchasing one? and Is digital drawing your preference over traditional?

Angie's Answers:
"A digital tablet is basically an electronic tablet that connects to your computer or laptop via USB. You have a special stylus pen which is used on the tablet. As you draw, your drawing is instantly on the computer program you're using. It's wild! Some - very expensive - tablets let you draw right on them and than upload."
"Learning to use one isn't as hard as you think. I hold mine on my lap (whereas most people put them on their desk) and you just draw as if you would on paper. Since you're watching the screen instead of the tablet, you may make a mistake or two but that's where the undo button is a life saver!"
"If you wanna purchase your own tablet, you can look on, or or even Target (some have them!) I recommend a Bamboo Fun or a Bamboo Touch for a beginner, because they are only around $60.00 - $90.00"
"I love sketching, because it's soothing and something I can do anywhere - outside, in the car, etc. but I would say I prefer digital."
If you have any more q's, let me know! :D

As you can very well see, Angie provided me with more information than what I expected.  Thanks again Angie!  I was able to do some further research, on Google, with the information provided and had a pretty good idea at the end of which tablet I wanted to go get.  The morning of purchase went by so smoothly that even though I gave the right of way to the car you see behind me, the driver so kindly insisted to wait while my picture was taken.
Taking my budget into consideration, it came down between the Bamboo Splash at $79.99 which consisted of only a drawing pen and the Bamboo Capture at $99.99 which consisted of both drawing pen and touch.  Below are more details on the two tablets.  There really was no major difference between the Bamboo Capture and the Bamboo Create other than the additional $100.00 difference.
Which Tablet ended up coming home with me?  The Bamboo Capture!  So far everything was working out smoothly.  I was excited to get on with my drawing!  So I went home and opened the box ready to do some drawing, but it wasn't as easy as that.  I had to follow the instructions carefully, then download two disc software that came with the tablet and then some more reading and my patient grew thin.  If you knew me, you'd know that I am a visual person.  I like to learn by applying hands on method with some reading but, not reading and reading and reading.  I mean I love to read, just not technical reading.

So I put the tablet aside because by the time it was ready for drawing, I was so frustrated and confused, I needed a break.
So, instead I did a quick drawing on paper....Not My Digital Tablet....yet!
I find drawing therapeutically peaceful. And although I think I will remain with the traditional method of drawing, I do have to admit I am both excited and looking forward to exploring my new digital table.  I can't wait to discover new and exhilarating creative ideas.  If any of you are already experts or have any advice and/or suggestion on digital drawing, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.  

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  1. good luck with learning about your new toy!

  2. Ooooh....I can't wait to hear how you like your tablet! I've been eyeing the same one your purchased for awhile for my photography.

  3. I totally get what you mean! For example, when I buy a game, I have to install and install and then learn how to play etc and by the time I know how to, I don't want to anymore haha :D

  4. That sucks that you have to read so much to get things to work, like being able to start playing as soon as I open the box. Thanks for coming through and checking out my blog.....Now following you back.

  5. I want new toys like that! But most of all, I love those glasses!

  6. Hi Mayra! I wanted to come by and say hello! Thank you for coming by HomePayge. I love that you are artistic! I love to draw/doodle. Granted, I am terrible at it but it is most definitely therapeutic. I love the blog! It's so bright and colorful! Makes me happy:)

    Roni @ HomePayge blog


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