September 5, 2012

POMS #13: Strange, Weird, Odd-Ball.....Ask Me if I Care!

Ever since I was a child, I was viewed as "strange" because of the way I dressed.  I wasn't your typical girly girl who was into high fashion or what was "in" at the moment.  I had a fashionably unique imagination of my own when it came to dressing up.  I wore whatever I wanted whether it was "in" or not.  I wore what I felt.    I guess not too many people understood that.  So in school I was looked at as the "odd-ball" of the bunch.  Ask me if I cared.  Nope.  I was the one with the flower in my hair or the one spinning around in recess wearing the multi-colored ruffled skirt.   Ask me if I cared.  Nope.  Til this day I am the same.   I followed no trend back then and I follow no trend now.   Am I still looked at as the odd-ball of the bunch?  Yep!  But, ask me if I care.

Hola Readers!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful and wacky Wednesday!

Here is an outfit I wore because I like it and because I feel comfortable in it.  But when I wear it, I am looked at as an odd-ball.  Everywhere I went people turned heads and looked at me weird and made funny faces at me.   My own daughters looked at me and said "Mom, are you serious?"  Then they even laughed at my shoes!  I LOVE those shoes! The nerve of them.  They even have a name for my shoes...cinder-block!  And they say I'm weird!  Go figure.  But, ask me if I care.  Nope!  I just keep on strutin' my walk like only I can.  I sway my cubanishi curves left to right feeling confident and superdeeduperdee proud of my size 18 and ultimately proud of who I am!

I will be honest.  Sometimes I do wonder if I am too weird, strange or an odd-ball.
But, ask me if I care...

Are you considered weird, strange or an odd-ball because of what you choose to wear?  Do you care?  How do you handle the "turned" heads and weird looks?  Tell me about it.  I'd really LOVE to know!

Also, if you have not linked up to The Nearsighted Owl's I Am Proud of Myself Link up, I truly urge you to do so!  It'll prove to be self-refreshing and self-inspiring!  Go'hed and give it a try!  You're worth it!



  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the colors!

    I remember when I was younger (like middle school age), I had sort of a whacky fashion sense... I seriously wanted to be Claudia Kishi from The Baby-Sitters Club and I would create outfits based on what I saw her wear on the covers of the books or how the books described her fashion sense, which was... very 80s and this was the mid-to-late 90s.

    I think going to a uniformed high school sorta killed all of my interest in clothes, it's hard to get me to care about clothes anymore.

  2. Like Nikkiana I went to a uniformed high school AND college so I was an odd ball for a completely different reason. I think the outfit's cute! The print reminds me of the very first painting I did.

  3. I think that your quirkiness makes you adorable! Strut it girl!

  4. That dress is lovely! I would fall over in those shoes though :)



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