September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters...

Dear God:  Thank you for waking me up this morning and blessing me with yet another beautiful day to experience your love.  Thank you for loving me just as I am.

Dear Priutibibi:  You know who you are.  I love you!  Siempre. Always.  In my heart you are perfect the way you are.

Dear Mamushki:  Yea you!  I miss you soooooo, soooooo much!  Believe in yourself.  You are stronger than you think.  I love you to the moon...

Dear Tetatechuechue:  Don't make a face at the term of endearment please, I love you!  Your inner strength is an inspiration to me.  I love you! Siempre. Always.

Dear Zari:  You are my rock!  I miss you and love you lots!

Dear Nena:  You are in my thoughts always.  I am rooting for you...always in your corner no matter what! La Lu!

Dear Meir:  I miss you...hope we find our way back to each other. You are always in my mind, heart and soul.  I love you!

Dear Malikers:  Zup dawg!?  I am so proud of you! Follow your heart...I miss you and love you very much. Where is Tia Nina when she is not with you?

Dear Fellow Bloggers:  Thank you for all your love and support!  You guys are great! I love you all!

Dear Self:  Be Proud. You are beautiful! Go for your dreams and NEVER give up!  Love yourself!  Siempre! Always!



  1. Oh my heavens Mayra! This is beautiful and so endearing. Can I steal it?!?! I really adore all of your blogs.


    1. Oh Sarah, you are so sweet! Think of it as sharing instead of stealing ;) and you know I'm all about spreading the love and support! Thanks Amiga!


  2. Replies
    1. Hola Bonnie, give it a try! It was a rewarding experience! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  3. LOVE the self one :)

    New follower!
    Have a great week! Drop by and say hello!

    1. Hola Nicholl!
      So happy you stopped by. Self is one of my faves too! Thanks for the love and support which I reciprocated ;)


  4. Thank you Mother of Pearl <3 I love you too!!!


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