September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear God:  Thank you for waking me up this morning surrounded by mi familia, but may you please make this soar throat go away *cough-cough

Dear Three Precious Treasures:  Leave me alone already freddy!  I am who I am and I am NOT going to change.  If I want to wear a barrette on my hair, dye my hair purple or want to keep wearing my cinder-block flip flops (as you girls call it)....I will!  And so what!  Get over it and accept and love me as I am! *tongue out at you*

Dear MyBritney:  Thank you so very much for helping me fall asleep last night.  I really was feeling miserable.   I appreciate YOU!

Dear Belly!:  I know you were scarce of Cuban treats for three long years living in the midwest, but enough is enough!  Just cause you are back in Miami doesn't mean you have to go crazy!  No more Cuban bread for you for a while!

Dear Vicky Bakery:  Everyone knows you bake the best Cuban Bread ever, but please stop calling my name every time I cruise by!  Give a girl a break, will ya!

Dear Natalia:  I think about you everyday.  I love you to the Luna...    

Dear Digital Tablet:  Mama's coming!  Mama's coming real soon to getya!

Dear Digital Tablet:  p.s...get ready to get splattered with the creativity brimming in my soul!

Dear Soulmate and Best Friend:  I can't wait to meet you.  I believe mi corazon is starting to feel ready for you....I think....maybe.

Dear Readers:  As always, you are superdeeduperdee awesome!  You peepz make my day and I appreciate YOU being a part of my life and passion!

Dear Self:  Be patient.  I know at times it may be hard, but you CAN do it!  I love YOU!



  1. I love that you do this every Friday. It is so sweet.

    1. Hola Sarah! This is my 2nd Friday's Letters and I am enjoying it immensely. It's soul refreshing! :D


  2. Ooh! You're getting a digital tablet? SO jealous!

    1. Hola Nikkiana! As a matter of love, I am! Any suggestions?

      ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  3. Hey Ladykins,

    Thank you for the thoughtful email to me. I'm cool; just not feeling the blog thing. I got some not nice emails about it, so I'm taking a break. I shouldn't let jerks get me down, but they kinda did, so... You know. I will figure out how to respond to those letters and then, BAM! POW! I'll be back.


    Later lovely,

  4. Hi Ladykins,

    My first comment was lots into the void. Arg. Thank you for the thoughtful email. I'm still here, just bummed. i got some no so nice emails about my blog, and since I haven't felt like doing it. I'm not sure how to respond to them, but when I figure it out, I will be back at it. I know I shouldn't let it bug me, but it did, you know?

    Hope FLA is warm and lovely, its getting cold here (boo).

    Later lovely,

  5. This didn't have a cute button, so I had to press the cool one! Love this letter! Although you can exclude from the letter to precious 3... LOL ;);)
    The one that stood out was that you might be ready for your soul mate and best friend. Really,Really???!!! o_O


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