June 23, 2012

Turbulent Update on My Dive from the Sky...

Hola!  The following question is a long one so I advise you take a deep breath.  Ready?  Okay here it is....Don't you just hate it when you've psyched yourself up to do something you've been looking forward to do for a very long time and then that day comes and your happy and excited, BUT then right from left field...BOOM your illusion, happiness and excitement is punched right outta you in a split second after receiving a phone call?   Okay, thanks for holding your breath, you can breathe now.  Well, whateva your answer is, mine is Yes!  Yes, yes, yes I hate it when that happens!  Especially when it happens to me!  Here is what I had psyched myself up for today...

And now this is how I feel after receiving the phone call....

As I promised, this is an update to this morning's post on my dive from the sky.  Due to the weather here in Kansas, my dive from the sky was re-scheduled for tomorrow!  So, all of you who were cheering for me today, will just have to hold the cheers til tomorrow.  As for me, I will just have to go through another sleepless night because tomorrow is NOT soon enough.

Tootles! (uggggg)


  1. I'd be a ball of nerves if I were you, especially after having to wait an extra day. Good luck on your jump today!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I've always wanted to do this. Get up there girl and fly with the birds!

  3. I am so proud of my mom! Remember, everything happens for a reason so hopefully today the dive was well worth the wait! <3 love you, waiting to hear the update. Your Youngest.

  4. Well??!? Its Sunday! What was it like? Was it noisy? I would assume its really noisy.



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