June 5, 2012

Dusting Off My Soul...Part 1

Lately I've been experiencing moments where I'd sit in front of my laptop staring at my blog not knowing what to blog about.  Considering I have 24 posts sitting as drafts calling for my attention every time I log on, it would be safe to say I have plenty to blog about.  And that would be no lie.  I have lots to say!  I feel it in my head.  I feel it in my heart. It seems my mind is always lurking with ideas and constantly writing stories as I am dressing, driving, working, eating, reading and even as I sleep. So, I ask...What the heck is up with me?   Is my mind stagnating from too much overload?  All weekend I battled with this situation.  I'd find myself logging on to my blog determined to finish and publish at least one draft telling myself absolutely "No Facebook", "No Twitter" and definitely "No BBN" (its such an awesome network I can't help it).  However, for one reason or another, the hours pass and instead of finishing a draft, I end up writing a new post which ends up as another draft only adding more to my drafts count!  Uggggg!  Calgon take me away!!!

Anyway on a brighter note, I have to admit it's not all too bad since I do end up browsing and reading some amazing blogs not to mention meeting new fellow bloggers from all over the world.  All this is possible through the Better Blogger Network.  I joined BBN about 2 weeks ago and I love it!  Everyone was so kind in reaching out and making me feel welcome.   BBN's tag-line reads "A Blogging Community Dedicated to helping each other grow" which brings me to what motivated me to write and publish this post (I WILL publish this one!).  Because after reading all these other amazing bloggers' post I had a realization of sorts, an awakening that served as a growing experience.  I was able to relate to so many of the posts that it reminded me of why I started my blog PonderWonders (3 months ago) in the first place...to honor the soul discovering the wonders of self-love and self-acceptance!  Somehow in the excitement of it all I forgot MY soul, for the most part, leaving it back on the shelf collecting dust.  So today, being that I took the day off for motherly duties, I decided to dust off and honor my soul by dedicating this post to one of MY most favorite things to do! 

I LOVE books! I love their colors, smell and the texture of the different pages!  I LOVE their stories and the way they capture and entice my mind!  Thus, one of my most favorite things to do is to visit the bookstore!  I feel at home in bookstores, especially when it's the neighborhood bookstore. They tend to be small and offer a sense of intimacy as oppose to large-chain bookstores.  Not that I don't enjoy the larger-chain bookstores as well, I enjoy anyplace that houses books.  But to me, I feel that the little neighborhood bookstores have this old-fashioned charm about them that attracts my soul.  I feel blessed and fortunate that my neighborhood bookstore is of walking distance from where I live...which is a double plus-plus!  I have even made a special bond with certain favorite areas of the bookstore that I'm instinctively drawn to when I visit...for example like...
Journals...you could never have too many of those!!! 
I enjoy reading Janet Evanovich books, especially her "Stephanie Plum" Series! I'm on book #4
I also enjoy browsing around as well and sometimes I find interesting book titles and topics...hmmm?

A book on photography is always intriguing to me.

I've learned that challenges are a part of life.  I've also learned that no one can help YOU unless YOU choose to help YOURSELF.  Another area I enjoy browsing around in is the self-help books.  I know I've found books there that have helped me in some way or another.  For instance, John Gray's "Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus" gave me a whole different perspective on how I understood relationships between men and women. 

You know the saying "Saving the best for last?"  Good!  Because, considering it's almost midnight and 4:00 a.m. is the usual time I wake up to prepare for work, I think I will use it as my conclusion to this post.  So, stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of honoring my soul with one of MY most favorite things to do! To be continued...

What's one of your most favorite things to do?  Tell me about it, I'd love to hear it!



  1. I LOVE Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series. I have them all! I have their release dates saved in my calendar every year and buy them the day they are out. Not to mention I usually have them read withing the first few days too. GREAT series!!! I love books that can make me laugh out loud. :)

    1. Hola V! It's so nice to have you stop by! It's great to find other's who have same interests as you...you really have all the Plum Series? Wow! I was excited to see the movie "One for the Money", I liked it, but I think the book was better. Did you see the movie? What did you think?

    2. P.S thanks for your support in becoming a follower! I appreciate it! Tootles!

  2. Inspiring mi li'l sis! Makes me want to go to the book store right this minute! You were having so much fun at half books store. You have a vibrant sweet spirit! And you are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for being a GOOD person! I feel the positive vibes just by looking at the pics. And by the way the photo shoots are awsome! Very well taken! I also LOVE how colorful all the pictures are! Great photo shoots mi BEAUTIFUL niece! Photo shooter is simplyymayra tresurer2. SimplyyMayras second child (midle child) Thank you for being a GOOD person! Yayyyy my niece you have done yourself againg. You sho nuf inspire me! Mi BEAUTIFUL niece! BEAUTIFUL photo shoots! I am so PROUD of YOU! I am also happy you both shared that moment together as mother and daughter! I love you both! KEEP-ON-A-ROCKIN and A-ROLLING! ;*)

  3. I love the Stephanie Plum books I am about to start 15...that is if I can find it (in my house). She is so North Shore (of Boston) reminds me of home!!


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