June 30, 2012

Don't Take a Pear to Your Sky Dive...The Finale

It's said that when you don't know where to start, it's always best to start in the beginning.  Once upon a time in a quaint little town in Kansas, lived this curious pig-tailed little girl named Dorothy and her feisty little dog Toto.   One day she.....just kidding,  just kidding!   Hehehehe!  I just couldn't resist.  Okay, lets get down to it! *cracks knukles, fingers on keyboard....and begins...

It all started when SimplyyMayra (that's me) wanted to make a dream a reality.....a dream she longed for quite some time now.  If you missed the story from the beginning and prefer to catch up, you can click here and read all about.  Or since I am going to give a quick wrap-up of all thats happened thus far, you can stay here and tag along as I finally reveal what everyone really wants to  know...heck even I want to know.  Does SimplyyMayra get what she's longed for?  Does she get "not so nice man anymore" to be "nice man" again?  Does she get her dream to dive from the sky?  Or should you really not take a Pear to your sky dive?  Let us find out shall we?  Here's a quick re=cap...it'll go as fast as you can read....

The long awaited day arrived and needless to say it set in motion a series of happenings that could make one wonder if she should even go through with the sky dive at all.  Like for instance, the first peculiar thing that happend that day was she was not allowed to wear her high heel shoes, now if you know SimplyyMayra she practically lives in her heels.  Next, the sky dive was cancelled all beause of bad weather!  Do you believe that?  She was upset, but it did get rescheduled for the next day.

The next day arrives and she's off on her merry little way, in her favorite little hat, in her favorite colored clothes to find the small little airport in the small little town of Waldron, Missouri. Gets lost, stops car in the middle of the road, stretches legs, enjoys some superdeeduperdee great fun with the sistas...yep, even the sista who lives in New York was on a call on her smart phone.  Yaaay!.....
So she makes it to the airport, meets the very nice man who conjures up the word game by blurbing out the trigger word "Pear" and now very nice man didn't seem so nice anymore.  Still with me???

Okay, lets keep it going.  In her pre-teens she suffered a great disappointment when she realized she didn't marry her pre-teen crush Stacey Keach who played Lt. Logan in the crime series Caribe.  And she never got the hot pink motorcycle she wanted when she was17 either, so she asked us not to laugh because she was being serious!  If you missed that story too you could click here also or continue reading here.  We're almost there!

So this time she wasn't gonna give up that easily and looked nice man no more in the eye and said...

So she was taken to the dungeon to get fitted, strapped and inspected... 2nd opinion and all!

Was told had to wiggle to test the enforcement of the straps but made a suggestion of her own for which strapper man responded "Hahaha! You can't drop it like it's hot!" ... 

Then strapper man said "Wait here ma'm. I'll be right back" to which she responded "Oh don't you worry, I ain't goin' anywhere. I'll be right here. You just go get that plane!" 
Yaaaay!!!!! LET'S GO DIVE!!!!!

And this is where the re-cap ends and we start anew...

And now for the grand finale
The moment of truth...

Did "strapper man" go get the plane?
Did he bring back a shocker?
Did SimplyyMayra get what she's longed for?
Did she get "not so nice man anymore" to be "nice man" again?
Did she get her dream to dive from the sky?
Or will she add sky dive along side Lt Logan and the hot pink motorcycle?
Should you really not take a Pear to your sky dive?

Let's go find out people....Our we ready?  I don't hear you?   Okay, Lets go!

So strapper man leaves and she waits...
and waits

and waits some more...


Obviously, NOT the plane! 
Snapper man sent in Mr Not so Nice Man Anymore and simplyymayra undergoes a couple more torture test before her fate is decided.  She takes them in stride though.  She's sucha good trooper!


ME:   Zup man?  I came to sky dive! Com'on lets go dive!

Him:  Well, I'm not too sure yet, Ima need you to do some wiggling (I swear thats what he said!)

So off she goes to wiggle for Mr Getting on My Last Nerve!

Her spirits remain high as she as the harness is re-inspected after the wiggle-wiggle-wiggle test....

Well, he actually took her outside...NOPE not to fetch the plane but rather for another test...

Leg lifts...to insure I could lift leg up at landing

So she gives it her all not caring who is watching around...

 Answer coming but only after yet another discussion with a 3rd opinion...

So there you have it, after a series of test, discussions and "I could do it" protests, the experts deemed it best not to take the sky dive at the present time so my sky dive was NOT granted.  I almost had it though!  I was told that I was right at the edge of a YES!  or NO!  But due to safety reasons and "not so nice anymore's" gut feeling along with my big bazookas, weight and pear shape, my sky dive will have to be put back on the shelve until I lose at least 15-20 more pounds!   At the end I appreciated "not so nice anymore's" honesty and expertise in the field.  He proved himself to be an honest man following his instincts.  I was grateful and thanked him for not puting my life at risk and keeping my safety in perspective over just pocketing my mula $$$!  So I am thankful for that.  So "not so nice anymore" was now "very nice man again"...but I still couldn't resist so I kinda had some fun with him without him even knowing!

Was I disappointed?  I'll have to be honest and say that my ONLY disappointment in ALL this was that somehow I felt I let my daughters down. I know it may sound silly, nonetheless thats how I felt.  You know as a parent I always try to provide my daughters with an insight to the important things in life, one of them is to always follow your dreams and never give up. They were so excited to see there Mom following a dream, that when I heard "NO" I felt I had failed them somehow.  But, I know as parents we always tend to be hard on ourselves or feel guilty at the littlest things where our children are concern.  At least I speak for myself.  But, I'm no quitter!  In my life, I have survived worse experiences than this and it's all made me who I Am!  I just gotta come up with a healthy conscious plan to lose 15-20 more pounds!   So no better moment to start than the present...

I did have a superdeeduperdee great time overall!!!

It was an AWKWARD, UNEXPECTED yet LEARNING experience because....

Thanks to all my readers, familia and friends for your patience and for stopping by to share this wondrous experience with me!  I want to thank my sisters Zara, Meri and Aracely (from New York on smart phone) for sharing this  experience with me making it even moreso unforgettable! And of course for taking such awesome photos capturing the true the tone and essence of my experience!

How about you guyz??? 
Ever had an awkward, unexpected yet learning experience? 
Or maybe you have one just plain awkward or unexpected? 
Have you followed a dream that you couldn't fulfill? 
Tell me about it, I'd really love to hear it!  



  1. Well wgat a roller coaster of emotions... >_< i'm glad to know finally what happened. I just admit I was a little worried with the idea of my mother jumping off a plane, you know only for safety reasons... I'm relieved & thankful they were atleast honest, as well as better educated on the process of sky diving. The risks, the safety concerns, etc... Geese I can now take a deep breathe!!!! You had Meeeeee anxiously waiting <3

    1. Well, I glad you can breathe now mi amorcito. Yea, I am grateful he turned out to be an honest man. But, just cuz your relieved doesn't mean its gonna be for too long, cuz ya know I going back! Thanks for stopping by my sunshine! Tootles!

  2. Oh no, chica! I'm sorry that you couldn't jump! (this time...) Better safe than sorry, I guess. I get it about feeling like you let others down, but you really didn't. You went through and tried to make your dream happen, that's all we can do- control our own actions. You can't control what the divers thought, or the weather etc... And this doesn't mean that you will never sky dive, it just wasn't supposed to happen this time.

    I really did like the 3 parts, I'm just super-impatient and need to know what's going on! Which I guess was the point of 3 parts, right?

    I'm not going to count this as a "sad-ending" more like a "to be continued..."


    1. Awwww Stephanie, your words made my eyes teary. Thanks for your kind words. Reading them made me feel so much better, you'll never know. I have my moments of ups and downs, you know how it can suck when you feel you let people down. But I know I'll be okay! Because it's true that I did go through and tried to really make my dream happen! And that's what I gotta keep reminding myself. So thanks for reminding me of that! As ALWAYS, its a pleasure having you visit. Ima be coming by your way soon, so make sure you and D aren't playing patty cakes...LOL ;) Tootles!

  3. Ah I'm so gutted for you! Do some more wiggling =) Then head back and drop it like its hot!

    1. Guurrrl you just made me giggle! I think I will do som more wiggling and then head back a double drop it like its hot! Thanks for stopping by Helen! Be by yours to see what you have cooking! Tootles!

  4. You'll make it sis. Little more raw fruits and veggies and you WILL make it. @zrafael23 you are funny. I told my son when he was just a little boy that I wanted to sky dive and he absolutely was not having it! LMAO. So, I put it off for awhile (but I new that I would eventually do it). So, now that he is almost an adult I will do it. Sigh...things a mother does. Anyway, I thought your comment was cute...it reminded me of my son. "D.

    1. I know I will bs! thanks for the vote of confidence! It'll happen when it'll happen...not giving up on it! :)

  5. oye cubanaza! que disappoint ni disappoint who said you were done?! deja eso que for your daughters y for YOURSELF you WILL do It palante que pa traz ni pa cojer impulso!!!!!

    1. LOL! Cubanazo! It's always nice when you stop by! Thanks for bein in my corner! You are right...pa traz ni pa cojer impulso!!!!! Thanks dawg! I really appreciate YOU!

  6. Oooo Mayra! I was so hoping you would get to go for your dive. Try and try again and I hope someday soon I will be reading about you finally taking your first jump out of an airplane.


    1. Wow, you stopped over for this one too! (just replied to your comment on a more recent post) You know its ALWAYS nice to hear from you Bronwyn. You keep on with your dreams you hear! NEVER give up on them! I'll get my shot at my sky dive again...even if I'm 80! Thanks for visiting, keep coming back. I'll be peeking your way too. Tootles!


  7. Are you serious???????! what an ending lol. Well, i CAN tell you one thing. Your daughters are not at all let down, trust me i know hehe ;). And geez louise, Kansas people know nothing about latina curves. Dont worry momma, this dream will come true, just like all the rest. Your Youngest <3

    1. Yep I'm serious "/ Thanks mi amorcito. I know I will have another shot at it! Maybe I should join you in this CrossFit thingy you and your sis are doing. I love you! Thanks!

  8. Wow!!! I LOVE ths whole story. Had me cracking up! Not loving the outcome very much though. Sounds like that was quite an adventure even without getting up in the air. Sorry you didn't get to dive but thank you for the great entertainment of it. ;)

    1. Hola Ms V! Nice to hear from you. Yep, it was quite the adventure! Glad it was entertaining...had me cracking up too! (seriously)
      Thanks for stopping by. Tootles!


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