June 11, 2012

Finding Inspiration in My Treasures!!!

Hola! I am linking up with Sarah for her very first linky party Monday Mantras at A Cat-Like Curiosity.  It's an open forum where you can link up and share your own blogs source of inspiration.  She only has one rule..."what you link has to be inspiring!"  I love searching and discovering inspiration in the simplest of things and writing stories that provoke a chain reaction of awareness, awakening and spiritual enlightenment.  So when I read about Sarah's Monday Mantras Linky party, well...let's just say I couldn't resist in joining her in spreading some inspiration to the world.

Everyone needs motivation or inspiration from time to time, others may need it everyday.  There are inspirational quotes available or inspiration can practically be found in almost anything or anyone if you are opened to it. The major source of my inspiration comes from my 3 most Precious Treasures.  When ever I'm feeling down or sad, all I have to do is think of them and I feel WOW!  When ever I feel I can't do something, I think of them and I feel WOW!  This WOW somehow has a natural source of energy that volts within my soul lifting my spirits along with my faith! 

I remember a time when I lost myself and fell into darkness.  I found myself at the lowest point of my life so as a combat and form of healing, I took up running.  I still remember how hard it was for me, at first, to reach the finish line at the end of the block.  So you know what I did?  Take a guess?  That's right...I thought of my 3 Precious Treasures and felt WOW!  I'd picture them at the end of each block and suddenly I made it to the finish line.  When I did I felt so good I didn't stop there.  I'd picture them again at the end of the next block and boom I was at that finish line as well.  I did this everyday from block to block until I was running 6 miles a day.  Then I took up bike riding, just regular bike riding not motorcycle riding...hmmm...I just got inspired!  Anyway, here are my three most precious treasures with three of my fav inspirational quotes...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my inspirations with me.  Click here if you wish to learn more about me and my precious treasures!  I'd love and welcome you to voice your thoughts!  What motivates you?  Where do you get your source of inspiration? 



  1. Such a beautiful post my friend. thank you so much for visiting and joining my blog. followed you back =) definitely gonna add your blog on my favorite reads =)

    1. Hi Nana, I may have aleady responded to you perhaps via your very own blog, but I am responding to all my comments (fell so behind sorry) so wanted to make sure no one was left out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love love the pictures! I love inspiration. I'm one of the ones that enjoys it on a daily! its funny how you saw us as an inspiration, when my true inspiring comes from you! Glad we are internally connected! Love you mother of pearl! A unique rare beauty that can only be found in the bottom of the sea..... xoxo

    1. You are so very special mi amorcito lindo! Of course my girls are my inspiration, you girls are my true love!


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