June 17, 2012

Dusting Off My Soul Part 2...Uninterrupted!

Hola! I'm back with my segment of Dusting Off My Soul Part 2 and I promise no interruptions this time!  As I concluded in Part 1 I saved the best for last and am excited to share with you all how my day honoring my soul by doing one of my fav things to do turned out.  As I mentioned in Part 1, I LOVE bookstores! Especially the neighborhood bookstores that tend to be small and offer a sense of intimacy as oppose to large-chain bookstores.  It's just that, to me, the little neighborhood bookstores have this old-fashioned charm about them that attracts my soul.  I will begin where I left off, which was sharing those certain favorite areas of the bookstore that I'm instinctively drawn to when I visit.  Like for instance the journals, mystery, photography and self-help book sections as well as browsing around to sometimes finding interesting book titles and topics. Before I continue, here's a photo recap of those areas from part 1 that are dear to my heart...
Although I'd say the stronger or predominate force of my brain is the creative side, I have a pretty good balance of the analytical side as well.  Therefore, another area that attracts my soul is the Metaphysics-Philosophy section.  Books on the nature of our existence and the realization of our human/spiritual potential intrigue me.  I'm always eager to learn more of how I can grow spiritually.  Books I've read along those lines are The Secret, The Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God, Spiritual Awakening, just to mention a few.  At the end I will reveal which book I ended up buying..
Okay, we are almost reaching the area with books that most tickle my fancy!  Books that for some reason draw me into their world giving me a sense of joy, peace and love!  Books I feel at home with!  But before I get to those, here are other areas of the bookstore I also enjoy browsing around through as well....

Thus far, I have shared with you all my favorites spots.  However, there are two that are my most favorite of favorites.  In all fairness, if I really, really had to pick one over the other, I'd have to say.... hmmm?  Wow, it's really hard to just choose one!  Do I really, really have to?  Wait a minute here! This is my blog and it's my party so, I don't have to if I don't want to!  So, I'm not gonna...I so sawwwy.  Lets just get going with my two fav areas, here they are in no particular order... 

I started drawing over 10 years ago, more so as a therapeutic tool. Of course back then I did not realize that's what I was doing, I just thought I was drawing. I began sketching and then progressed into acrylic painting. I have no art education under my belt other than the art classes taken in the pre-school years and what I've taught myself through instructional art books checked out from the library. As a matter of love, I never realized my passion for art was comatose within the debts of my being. But, it was and naturally it awoke during a very dark and difficult period in my life.  It's not until recently, when I revisited my sketches, drawings and paintings (all put away), that I discovered this realization. I've shared a few pieces of my artwork here on my blog, but as of yet, none of the sketches.   However, I am putting together of all the artwork birthed during this dark period and soon hope to proudly house it here on my PonderWonders.   I'm thinking of introducing it as The Dark Collection or My Dark Collection...dunno quite yet.
     Okay, now for the most fav of the favs (in line with the art of course)...taaaaaadaaaaaah....

I actually fall to the floor in this section.....I love it when I'm whisked away into the arms of lover or into a fiery love triangle taking place in a far, far away exotic oasis.  Or into another century encouraging the princess rebelling against arranged marriages to stand her ground and go for her prince charming.  Or into a more modern twisted world full of deception, lies and betrayal with love conquering all.  I am a sucker for true love and enjoy the serendipity of a true romance.  It is stimulating to the body, mind and soul.  I find this genre fascinating and intriguing! 
  How did my outing turn out? 
Well, take a look what I took home with me....

I had a wonderful and rewarding day Dusting Off My Soul!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this day with me!  What do you do to dust off your soul?  I'd truly love to hear about it! 



  1. I hope you enjoy The Alchemist - as you know I loved it (you read my review!)


    1. Hi Sarah! It's always nice when you come and visit! Yes, I did read your review and it's funny because your's post was the 3rd time I saw the book being mentioned, so I took it as affirmation that I was right in taking it home to reading!

  2. Lol I love the feed your brain part of the library! I enjoy reading things about our existence n spirituality. maybe you can suggest a, book to help Meeeeee more with my meditating :) I like to hear music sing my little heart out! I find that after a few songs I feel weight off my shoulders n my mind more refreshed. It usually starts with slow tempo til I get to up beat songs! I also get into my photography! I love getting lost into editing. You can create almost anything with the click of your finger... :)

    1. Keep singing mi amorcito! I will think of a book for you to read and will let you know.

  3. I love to read, guess I get it from you, but you're more sappy then I am lol. I like mysteries and your every now and then romantic tragedy. I am glad to see you fill each and everyday with things that feed your soul. Not everybody realizes and takes the time to put effort into these "little things" which are the ones that count the most. God bless to your hopes and dreams mom. Your Youngest <3


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