June 17, 2012

Message from a Daughter to her Mother on Father's Day!

You know sometimes life has a cruel way of bringing you down even when you don't want to.  You rise sad not knowing what a day like today, Father's Day, will bring your way.  You wake up reminiscent of your father who is not close enough for you to reach out to and talk to.  Not close enough because there does not exist a ladder high enough to reach heaven.  Oh but if there were, you'd climb it in an instance just to embrace him one more time and assure him that now you know that he did his best to provide for you and his familia.  You'd hold his tender face ever so gently in your loving hands, look deep into his eyes and say..."Gracias Papi, Te quiero!" translation "Thanks Dad, Love you!"

Life also has a funny way of bringing you up right at the precise moment when you are down even if  you don't expect it.  *beep beep* The Message....

Daughter:  Hi Mom! Good morning! I just wanted to wish you an amazing Father's Day!  You deserve the recognition of playing both parenting roles when we had no dad and needed it most!  I am honored to have such a strong mother/father!  Happy parenting day!!!!

Mother:  Awww *term of endearment* mi Priutibibi Bella.  You never cease to amaze me!  I'd love to honor YOU in my blog today quoting you...is that okay???

Daughter:  No immediate response

Mother:  Think about it while I go get a tissue box for my heart!

Daughter:  Lol, yes Mom you can!  I'm NOT embarrassed or shy to show people I love my Mother of Pearl!  You iz special!  So yes quote it! :) Let every body know; kiss-kiss

Mother:  kiss-kiss back

For those who have already read my About post, know that I have three daughters whom I brag about how much I love and that they are my 3 Precious Treasures.  Meet treasure #1 my eldest and my little ray of sunshine, not so little any more, nonetheless still my little sunshine!  I named her Zulaima Estrella, but for short, the familia calls her Shasha...

I am hoping she's still NOT embarrassed or shy for me posting this picture!  I call her my little sunshine because ever since she was in my womb, she brought sunshine to my life!  When she was a baby the lullaby I'd sing to her all the time was a short song called "Your Are My Sunshine".  I don't know if you all are familiar with it, but it is "our" special song.  She used to fall fast asleep to it, as a matter of love, just recently she called me in the middle of the night for me to sing it to her because she wasn't feeling well and couldn't fall asleep *BIG BIG smile on my face just about now* 

Anyway, she filled this otherwise sad day with a ray of sunshine that will make this day shine bright in my heart forever.  And she did this from hundreds of miles away!  I will leave you all with a few select pictures that I treasure, LOVE and they warm my heart, because they give me a little glimpse of that little girl still within My Little Sunshine....even if she's not so little anymore...

She has a big heart for life just like her mama! 
She is a very loving, vibrant and caring soul! 
She IS my true love and always My Little Sunshine! 

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing with me my very, very, very unconventional, yet these days, conventional Father's Day!  How was your Father's Day?  Go'hed and tell me about it!



  1. Mother of pearl!!! This was awesome!!! You always make me smile while reading your posts! No!!!! I'm not embarrassed I don't mind people seeing me for who I really am! Matter fact I cracked up aloud when I saw the lady 2 pictures, reminded me of jimmeney cricket!!!!! Hahahhahahaaa glad we can brighten eachother's day!!!!!! :)

    1. Daughter of Sunshine!!! YOU are awesome! This was a very special post for me thanks to YOU making it a special day for me! Love YOU! Potos!

  2. Such a sweet post. I told my students to that if they had parents that had to do two jobs, that they should celebrate them twice, on Mother's and Father's day. I'm so happy that you and your daughter did this! I cried, but I'm a big sap.


    1. Hola Stephanie! I was totally thrown a curve ball of emotions that day. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought of being considered (by my daughter) as a father figure too...thus this is a very specail post for me. Thanks for sharing it with me! It is always a pleasure to see you stopping by; as always my doors are always open and your visit always welcome...Tootles!

  3. This was really cute. All your posts be are inspirational but this one was very heartfelt and dear, maybe because this is my big sister we are speaking of. I am very proud of her too, especially everything she has been accomplishing in efforts to do the right thing for not only her family but herself. I love you shasha <3 Little Sister.


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