June 24, 2012

Don't take a Pear to Your Sky Dive...

Hola! Have you ever heard of the word game?  No! Not that one. Nooo, not scrabble either.  The word game I'm talking about is the one used in psychology.  You know the one where they give you a trigger word and you're suppose to say other words you'd associate to the word given.  Let's try a sample.  Okay, here is the trigger word:  Baby.  What words do you associate with Baby?  Soft, cute, giggle, smelly, noisy cuddly, lovable, squeezable, kissable...get the picture?   Well, today I had a glimpse of this game when I went to take my dive from the sky.  Let me rewind a little and let the images tell most of the story....

This is something I've always longed to do and was planned for yesterday morning...

You can read about the whole morning here.  Otherwise, here is how I felt yesterday morning...

As you can see, I was feeling cool, calm and collected.  I went through my usual morning routine and
meditated, read some posts from a few of my favorite blogs, responded to a few comments.  It was a good and happy morning.  It became even happier when I discovered PonderWonders (thats my blog) was awarded The Modern Muse Award by Sarah, author of A Cat-Like Curiosity which is one of the blogs listed in my Superdeeduperdee Blogs list.  To quote Sarah, "The Modern Muse award is for those blogs that are continually working to share inspiration throughout blog land! Be it through tutorials, how tos, featuring other bloggers, consistently commenting, etc..."  I am honored and extremely grateful for this award which is proudly displayed in the sidebar. Thanks Sarah!

So, the day was looking good!
I got dressed in my favorite colors
put on my favorite hat of all times

and had lunch!

Then the day started not looking so good any more 
 Like, when I was dressed and ready to go...
I was told I MUST were sneakers! *sad face*

Then My Dive from the Sky
was cancelled because of the wind
and re-scheduled for the next morning
*BIG BIG sad face*

Well eventually I got over it, took off the clothes, got in my fav pj's and waited for the next day.  Which brings me to today. Got outta bed showered, grabbed same outfit neatly folded from the bedroom chair, read fav blogs, responded to comments, no blog awards today, grabbed a biscuit that was left in the oven from the night before, headed out the door and was on my merry way!

Found the small town in Kansas City Missouri
Got lost finding the small town airport so the
sistas and I stretched our legs having some fun!!!
Even sista from New York was there via my smart phone!!!

We did manage to find the airport...Yaaay!!!

Then I met the very nice man who I'll be diving with...

Then here's where the word game began for me
and nice man didn't seem so nice anymore...

Really!!! Because of a fruit?!!! Well, I didn't come this far for nothing!

Does SimplyyMayra get what she's longed for?
Does she get "not so nice man anymore" to be "nice man" again?
Does she get her dream to dive from the sky?
Or should you really not take a Pear to your sky dive?  
What do YOU think? 


  1. Mother!!!! Don't tell Meeeeee he criticized your size???!!!? I must say right now i'm a little bothered, soooooo i'm going to call you to see what happened :(

    1. Evvrrryding aight mahn! No wharrries be hoppy! :D

  2. Um, WTF? What is that supposed to mean? A "pear-shape"? I don't get it. Was he just being nasty, or was there a valid (if not eloquent) reason for his comment? Shame on you (joking!) for doing this two-parter; I want to know what happened!!!

    1. I know right! I didn't get it either. I mean a pear is a pear, is a pear, is a pear (its my fav fruit BTW). I SHOULD be a shamed of myself (hehehe I like naughty) just joking! NOT! Was there a valid reason for his comment? Hmmm, lemme see now...sorrrry (rolls the r) just gonna have to wait for part 2. Thanks for stopping by though, I really enjoy your visits! Tootles!

  3. Wow. I would have had some not so nice words for that man. I sincerely hope he got over himself and let you dive! I can't wait to read the next post to see what happened.


    1. Hola Bronwyn! yea, I know watcha mean. If I'd allow my thoughts to babble (as they often do) it would have been some not so nice words either, so I'm with you in that one! And you're just gonna have to come back to see if he got over himself...does that mean you want to see him somersault??? *scratches head* Anyway, YAAAY! that just means you'll HAVE to come back and visit and I LOVE your visits! Tootles!

  4. wow first of all you are one of the bravest women I know. Second of all ese tipo se parece a una bestia del bosque encantado,and finally I would like to congratulate you on your award and say YOU DESERVE IT!!! if he didn't let you skydive I am sorry but either way thank you for brightening my day with your story and way of expressing yourself you really put a smile on my face CONTINUE YOUR DREAM CHASING!!!!!!!!

    1. No way!!! El Cubanazo, is dat really you dawg??? It was so nice and sweet of you to visit! And you joined my site too?!! Hmmmmm...watcha upto hombre??? porque si eres tu de verdad, me tocastes el corazon!!! Gracias dawg! I appreciate YOU! Thanks for the beautiful and kind words. It was a very pleasant surprise! Now don't be a stranger hear??? You come back now. Tootles!

  5. I still see no post regarding your endeavor! Please hurry, i'm getting anxious to know!!!!

    1. I appreciate your impatience. I am working on the continuation and anticipate publishing it today or tomorrow. Love you! Thx for stopping by!


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