December 26, 2012

December Amor - Meet the Sponsors!

D A W N   O F   D A N D E L I O N S

"Hi, I'm Cassie!! I love cats, science and our precious Earth! Dawn of the Dandelions is my corner of the world where I talk about the things that I love. I try to get people to think about what's happening outside of the realm of what we know. Knowledge is power (corny as it sounds) and it's the best way to get the good in the world to shine. Come visit me and we'll have a grand ol' time!"

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T H E   E C L E C T I C   G R A B   B A G
Hey there, I'm Sabz and I'm the creator of The Eclectic Grab BagI am a proud wife to a man I stalked on [OK, I didn't stalk him, but found his picture and fell in love...contacted him and we've been inseparable ever since] and mom of two of the brightest, happiest, wonderful children [The G's] who's life has become a 'grab bag' of the accumulated things I've come to really love in life.  I'm a stay at home mom at the moment, trying to figure out "What's Next?" In the meantime...My life has so many small parts to it, from the things that I love to do to the hobbies I have to the music I love or the things that I'm passionate about. There are too many things to only pick one to tell you about, so The Eclectic Grab Bag will be about everything and anything my little heart desires to share with you. I hope you find the time to visit, would love to have you. :)

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E A T   E N J O Y   L I V E

"Hi guys and gals! I'm Helen from Eat.Enjoy.Live Are you all sorted for Christmas? No? I am! I was sorted in September, but that's me; super organised. Enough of my weird OCD habits. On my blog you'll find recipes, crafts, and my 'weird and wonderful but sometimes boring' life. I'd love for you to come and join our crazy family."

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T H E   B I G   B E A U T I F U L   &   B R O K E   B L O G  

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea and I blog over at the Big, Beautiful & Broke blog.  I am a full-time registered nurse in an emergency room and part-time student working towards a master's degree in nursing education. My husband is a paramedic and recently decided to go to medical school. My blog is about a little bit of life, attempts at crafts, saving moving and losing weight! I hope you guys stop by and visit soon! 

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H O P E   &   S U G A R
M y name is Zalika.  Hope and Sugar is a blog dedicated to my personal growth. It is filled with motivation, love and tips to live a life of your dreams. I am very passionate about self-development and I share my journey here. Hope you guys join me and spread the love.

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M I L E S   F R O M   O R D I N A R Y

My name is Meg and I blog over at Miles from Ordinary. I am a thirty-something year old gal living in Michigan. I am an office worker, writer, and photographer and a dog mama to my snarky sidekick Sadie. I like to talk about music, cooking, books, my attempts at being crafty and life in a northern town. Pop on over and say 'hi!'. 

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F O R   M I A M I   A N D   L O V E

Hey fellow PonderWonders lovers! My name is Yesi and I blog over at For Miami and Love. My blog is basically an everyday life blog. I blog about anything and everything. I am a huge Luke Bryan and Country music fan so there is a lot of stuff about that on there. I talk about my love life, and life in general. I am not married nor do I have children. YET!!! (; I hope that when god decides to grant me these wonderful things, you all will join me in my ride through the journey of life! Happy holidays to everyone!!! I hope to see all of you around my blog <3

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful love and support!  I appreciate YOU!



  1. So many smiles all around!!!! =D

    1. Hola Cassie!
      I love smiles, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Great post hun <3 Thanks for letting me do a mini guest post lol <3 Besos!


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  4. Happy New Year. I found you through Aloha Blog Hop. Stop by and say hi when you get a minute. :)

    1. Hola Lenetta!
      You have a very lovely blog...loved it! Looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours!

      ~SimplyyMayra ;)


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