December 7, 2012

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

Hola!  Hope everyone has had a blessed week thus far.  Thank God it's Friday!  Yaay!  Heads up...gonna be a very busy end-of-week here at PonderWonders!  You will be seeing lots of opportunities to share some love and support while meeting some superdeeduperdee awesome new peeps from all around the globe.  Hope y'all join in on all the fun!  Today I am delighted to be part of the Aloha Friday team and I am excited to introduce the team to you, so let's get jiggy wit it!  Drum roll please!  Ta dah....

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Aloha Friday Blog Hop

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The Aloha Friday Blog Hop is more than a "Friday" hop, it's a way to share aloha and friendship to our fellow bloggers all weekend long!!  I consider this particular blog hop to be more of a weekend hop because Fridays are so hectic that a lot of people function on what we like to call "Hawaiian Time" here in Hawai'i which means they link up on Saturday or sometimes even Sunday which is just fine and dandy with me!  That's why I keep it open from Friday through Monday because I sincerely believe, the more the merrier!! 

If you're interested in co-hosting next month's Aloha Friday Blog Hop, please email for more info. 

This week we wanted to add a little something extra special to our lovely hop. It's an oh-so-easy opportunity for you lovely participants of the Aloha Friday Blog hop to get some exposure to your blogs!!  What do  you have to do to enter?  Just link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop Below!! It's that easy!!  No extra forms or hassle, just link up!  Each week we will pick a linker to be  featured at random and invite you all to say ...
Aloha Hoapili
Grab a button if you were featured this week!
Aloha Hoapili translates as Hello Close Friend. So, without further ado let me introduce you to this week's featured friend ...
Emma from Mommy Has a Headache.
Emma is an expat stranded in a foreign country! She blogs about re-modelling her house (and all it's attendant stresses and strains) plus Hello Kitty and all things funny.
Want a little taste of her blog? Check out these posts to find out what you've been missing:
The Wacky World of Hello Kitty - I had to include this one. Read it and you'll know exactly why :)
Raising Global Nomads - very, very funny!
If Guinea Pigs Could Tweet
If you're not already a follower than you definitely should be! 
Now, let's link up and start spreading that Aloha shall we?

Just A Few Simple Requests:  

Follow your Aloha Friday Hop hosts and team members.
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Link up your family friendly blogs 
(Or other sites and projects you'd like to share)

 Share this hop so that others might join in.
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 Visit at least three other blogs and let them know you've come to share aloha.
(How lucky are we to start our wonderful weekends together, let's have fun with this)


  1. I love finding new blogs that I like! Just followed and looking forward to visiting your blog!

  2. Greetings Friend

    I used to blog at 12 miles from the nearest supermarket but then alot of my accounts got hacked so started again...and I now blog over at and I am now following you again x

  3. Mayra!!! Love the colorful butterfly background! Thank you for co-hosting this little blog hop of ours again! We are so thankful to have you!! Hope you and those you love have a wonderful weekend!

  4. hi new follower from aloha affair.hope you can stop by my blog
    hugs xo

  5. Visiting from the blog hop; following you now! Looking forward to reading your blog some more. Can't wait to read some more. Feel free to stop by my blog or follow back if you'd like

  6. Just waving a good morning to ya. Visiting from the hop. :)

  7. I love to seeyour button growing and moving around all over the globe! Everyone truly deserves a chance to meet you

  8. OMGoodness two giant parties in one weekend!! Happy Co-hosting to you :))


  9. Wow! It's Aloha All over! Hehe. I found you through the Aloha blog hop and I'm glad I did! I'm already following you and I can't wait to read and see more. Your blog is beautiful and wonderful! I would think the TWO blog hops would be pretty awesomesauce! :)

  10. Hi, I'm here from the Aloha blog hop -- glad to be here!

  11. Hello!

    Thanks for hosting the blog hop...

  12. New follower from Aloha Friday! Thanks for co- hosting. Hope you'd drop by my little blog. ;)


  13. Newest GFC follower via from Aloha Friday.
    xx Sandra


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