December 9, 2012

A Game of Winterlicious Tag!

Hola!  There is this play of tag going around on blogosphere and I was tagged!  The lovely Yesi of For Miami and Love, a fellow Florida blogger, was sweet enough to tag me!  
Topic of the Day:
Winterlicious Tag!
Tag: A series of Christmas Questions. 
Once you are tagged, you answer the same questions. 
If you want you can add a question of your own! Tag as many people as you like!! 
No Re-tags!
And don't forget to go link-up your post at Yesi's

Favorite Winter Nail polish: I just normally happy with a clear polish :)
Favorite Winter Lip product: I'm really not a lipstick kinda girl, I just wear lip balm moisturizer.
Most worn winter clothing piece: I love scarfs and boots
Most worn winter accessory: Well, when I lived in Kansas my most worn winter accessory was my ear muffs, coat, scarves and boots.  But now I live in Miami so no more winter accessories for me except maybe a sweater here and there. 
Favorite Winter Candle: I love gardenia scented candles, really any flowery scent ;)
Favorite Winter Beverage: I love hot tea!  It warms the heart and refreshes my soul.
Favorite Xmas Movie:  Definitely the classic "Miracle on 34th Street" 
Fav Xmas song:  I love "A Christmas Song" and "Blue Christmas"
Fav holiday food: Well, from the Cuban culture I love tostones which is double fried green plantains and I also love arroz congri a blend of white rice and black beens married together in succulent herbs and spices!  Plus, I can't forget the Yuca with Mojo!  Yum!

Favorite xmas decoration:  Poinsettas, lots and lots of Poinsettas
What is at the top of your xmas list?:  It may sound lame but it is my and peace
What are your plans for the holiday this year?:  A Cuban traditional holiday dinner at my eldest daughter's home.  Tostones!!!

My turn to play, I tag:

Now, it's YOUR turn to play tag!

Happy Holidays!!!



  1. Hi There! I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Cute idea on this link up! Looking forward to more of your blog!


  2. It's nice to read your answers. Haven't had tostones ever, but now for some reason I'm craving them, I can just imagine how good they must be!
    I absolutely love poinsettias as well.

    Ally @

    P.S. I merged my blogs and you are a follower of a blog that will soon be deleted, would love it if you could come and follow on the updated/current blog. Thanks!

  3. Your traditional Cuban dinner sounds delicious!

  4. That's so weird. I read this post earlier on but totally didn't notice my name there at all :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity


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