December 16, 2012

Sharing Decision 1: "The Buck Stops Here"

Hola Readers!  I am one to always have an open heart to spiritual growth, personal empowerment, self-love, self-acceptance, honoring the soul and anything having to do with living life intentionally. So when my friend Anabel came to share with me some positive reading material, I listened.  She asked me if I've ever heard of  Andy Andrew.  I never had, so I answered no.  She briefly told me that he wrote The Seven Decision consisting of 7 affirmation readings for each day of the week. The author came up with these decisions while being homeless after losing both his parents at the tender age of 19.  These 7 decisions eventual shaped his book The Traveler's Gift later in life.  I have decided to intentionally read one of the 7 decision every day and I will sporadically be sharing one here on my blog until I have shared all 7 of them with y'all.

 Decision 1:  
The Responsible Decision
The Buck Stops Here.

From this moment forward, I will accept responsibility for my past.  I understand that the beginning of wisdom is to accept the responsibility for my own problems and that by accepting responsibility for my past, I free myself to move into a bigger, brighter future of my own choosing.

Never again will I blame my parents, my spouse, my boss, or employees for my present situation.  Neither my my education or lace of one, my genetics, or the circumstantial ebb and flow of everyday life will affect my future in a negative way.  If I allow myself to blame these uncontrollable forces for my lack of success, I will be forever caught in a web of the past.  I will look forward.  I will not let my history control my destiny.

The buck stops here.  I accept responsibility for my past.  I am responsible for my success.  I am where I am today--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially--because of decisions I have made.  My decisions have always been governed by my thinking.  Therefore, I am where I am today--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially--because of how I think.  Today I will begin the process of changing where I am--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially--by changing the way I think.

My thoughts will be constructive, never destructive.  My mind will live in the solutions of the future.  It will not dwell in the problems of the past.  I will seek the association of those who are working and striving to bring about positive changes in the world.  I will never seek comfort by associating with those who have decided to be comfortable.

When faced with the opportunity to make a decision, I will make one.  I understand that God did not put in me the ability to always make right decisions.  He did, however, put in me the ability to make a decision and then make it right.  The rise and fall of my emotional tide will not deter me from my course.  When I make a decision, I will stand behind it.  My energy will go into making the decision.  I will waste none on second thoughts.  My life will not be an apology.  It will be a statement.

The buck stops here.  I control my thoughts.  I control my emotions.

In the future, when I am tempted to ask the question: "Why me?", I will immediately counter with the answer:  "Why not me?"  challenges are a gift, an opportunity to learn.  Problems are the common thread running through the lives of great men and women.  In times of adversity, I will not have a problem to deal with.  I will have a choice to make.  My thoughts will be clear.  I will make the right choice.  Adversity is preparation for greatness.  I will accept the preparation.  Why me?  Why not me?  I will be prepared for something great!

I accept responsibility for my past.  I control my thoughts.  I control my emotions.  I am responsible for my success.


I want to thank Anabel for kindly sharing these with me and for always coming by my desk with a warm, friendly smile and such an open giving heart!  She just started her own blog a few weeks ago as Anni over at Anni Thinks.  I kindly invite you to go over and take a friendly peek at her little corner of the blogosphere and welcome her to blog world!



  1. This sounds like a great new friend you've found and great advice too.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. I absolutely love this! I think it's very important and also very empowering to accept that we are where we are because of ourselves and what we have allowed or not allowed into our lives. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Everything about your post is incredible! Love Love Love this!

  4. This is a great message. It is so easy to blame others for our current situations but in the end, the only person that loses is you. I know many people in my life that could really use this advise! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the post..


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