December 30, 2012

Friends, Outfits and Inspiration!

Hola Readers, Friends, Familia and Peek-A-Booers!  Hope every one's Christmas was as blessed as mine.  I had a superdeeduperdee fun time with the Familia (pictures to follow soon) so I hope you come back to check them out and meet my loved ones.  Anyhoo, I am always in the look-out for inspiration.  Inspiration can be found anywhere and in the smallest of things if you are opened to it.  One morning last week, I was at my desk at work when Monique, the co-worker I share office space with, walks in and Ka-Pow, I was inspired by her outfit.  So, I pulled out my camera and told her to pose.  Yep, those who know me very well know I always have a camera near by.  I just say abracadabra and poof the camera appears in my hands ;)

The inspiration led to this feature post of Friends, Outfits and Inspiration as well as other future posts.

There you have it...the first feature of Friends, Outfits and Inspiration!  I always have my visual antennas on and a camera nearby so I am looking forward to sharing more Friends, Outfits and Inspiration in the new year.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow to feed your soul and link up with Soul Food Monday! - An Inspirational Link-Up!



  1. Wow - you work with very stylish ladies. Love the color. I think I want to go shopping...

  2. Awesome office outfits! I always picture office areas to be so drab, so it's nice to see real people wear super bright ensembles!

    And where is your outfit? ;D

  3. What a sweet way to celebrate such beautiful friends. Love this post.

    Happy 2013

  4. Love love love Monique's outfit! You know what that means! Can't wait to go shopping!


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