August 17, 2012

POMS #11 - Who Wears Short Shorts? I Wear Short Shorts!!!

"The human body is the best work of art" Jess C. Scott
Who wears short shorts?  We wear short shorts! If you dare wear short shorts...
SimplyyMayra in short shorts!
Hola Readers!  Happy Fantabulous Friday to all!

I am so proud of myself and of how far I've come with honoring my soul, self-love and acceptance.  Just up until a couple of weeks ago there was no way in hell I would ever be caught in shorts in public!  No way José.  But here I am today doing just that!  Not just in public; in the Internet!  For all eyes all over the world to see and hopefully be inspired!  And although I am still in a haze of disbelief, I am actually feeling superdeedooperdee amazing and free.  I truly am proud of ME!  I Am Proud of my size 18!  As a matter of love, I am proud of myself whatev the size may ever be!!!  My body is truly a work of art!

For this post I feel my pictures speak volumes. 

As always thanks for stopping by.  Tootles!


  1. Yay Mayra! You go girl!

  2. Go you! Every body is an amazing work of art and it would be great to see more people who are proud to show off their art!

  3. You have such a big smile! I love these photos, they really show your personality :)

  4. You have great legs! I knew you would;)

  5. This post is so cute! Thanks for sharing.
    BTW...I love your toe nail polish!


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